CHAPTER THREE – Energy and Frequency

The logic truth about light. Is its source is nature is from stars like our solar systems Sun. It starts off by very hot atom plasma waves pushing out from the centre of a star at set frequencies at the very edge of the atom mass its transferred into waves kinetic energy. that have nothing to do with an electromagnetic force nor any particles flung into a vacuum of space. Particles CAN NOT beat massive pull of gravity.

Only frequency vibration shock waves can travel in a cold vacuum of space with our sun it pushes these frequency waves out at 186,282 miles per second in constant multi streams of differing frequencies the vacuum never hinders the speed as there is nothing to slow down the passage of kinetic energy.

Light bulb Earth.
A view of a super hurricane from space
You can see that there are no beams of light outside Earth atmosphere it gives proof to there is no particles travelling with waves in space.
Tesla copied the principles of how vibration frequency waves light up Earths Atmosphere the energy is created inside the bulb.

The vacuum of space stays at minus 273.15 C’ as the warmth of the sun can not warm the vacuum and no energy can exist in the vacuum what so ever. Only kinetic vibration frequencies can travel through the vacuum at the push ratio of 186,282 miles per second,

Interesting differing stars like our sun may push out light at differing speeds some faster and some slower. Then our perception of the speed of light being based on our Suns push could be wrong. That would mess up our method of judging distance in space. We assume we got that right?

The fact we can not see beams of light streaming from the Sun 91-93 billion miles of space vacuum proves me to be factually logically right.

But your note in local space photos not artist impression or atmosphere facing the sun lights up like a light bulb that does not light up localized space that much.

What is the reason?

Well those kinetic vibration frequency waves when they enter our atmosphere transfer kinetic frequency energy over to atoms and thus the waves look like they have arrived as particles.of energy.

The fact is Earth’s energy is home grown due to its natural structure. one could call it a freak of nature but for the fact, its mimicked through out our galaxy and seemingly throughout the part of the universe, we can see, its gotto be a natural law.

Over the last century this fact has been hidden by super powers for two reasons. The first being around the 1920s with the growth of the auto industry and the oil boom. governments did not want the public to know about free sources of energy. The second being that it was realized in the atomic weapon age that knowing the facts about frequency waves in the following space age was more dangerous than having atomic bombs. Tesla scared the hell out of USA.

Now the truth is getting too well known and corporation’s want reap the benefits of the facts about wave vibration frequencies. USA has started wanting to control space with its new space force project.

Much of what people have been taught about physics is not true and the truth is now seeping through.

USA is worried about satellites that are being launched into local space. As they can be more dangerous than atomic missiles. Death rays are to easy to create

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