CHAPTER ONE. – Atom magic

Atomist’s are scientific minded people that believe the universe created itself or has always existed and could be a form of higher intelligence. They research for what Astrophysicist have missed out of their blackboard calculi.

The are those that wish to look for positive proof or logical theory why the universe exists and why life started on our planet and elsewhere in the existing universe.

The universe was composed of very small, indivisible and indestructible building blocks known as atoms (from the Greek atomos , meaning uncuttable ).

Atomism is based on philosophic research and logic thought an example finding an answer to what came first a chicken or an egg. With a bit of research we find that some lizards and birds are a Parthenogenesis species so the logical would be the chicken or really a lizard, that was evolving to fly.

Atoms are unique building blocks that need to constantly to build structures called molecules that like to change to other structures. Such as two hydrogen atoms attach one oxygen atom the attachment is caused at room temperature and detached at the mix at water boiling point. Or 4 nitrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom.

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together.

The gases that humans breathe in are nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide, with nitrogen in the largest proportion and carbon dioxide in the smallest proportion. The gases that humans breathe out are the same, although more carbon dioxide and less oxygen is present.

So the first natural law of atoms is to be active and second is to build molecules to keep active. The third is to use or create energy to remain active. The forth is to create gravity to be like small magnets to be attracted to other atoms. The glue that bonds molecules together but allows atoms to separate in temperature changes to leave the molecules.

Atoms can create Hugh amounts of energy because of the nature of atoms that like to change molecule structures the higher the temperature they can create the more active they are the less temperature can cause them to go into a dormant state the higher the atoms density the more prone they are to become dormant.

Scientist have theorized evolution from proof found on this planet we occupy as carbon based bipeds but have yet to really understand why life exists. Its actual very simple but is made complex by the way atoms behave within the universe.

Cooling crust

There is a fifth natural atom law that is implemented when the outer surface (crust) of a very active planet become dormant that is active atoms must build tools to attempt to activate the dormant atoms. So they build molecules to form into simple life forms that of a single cell that make it possible to activate dormant atoms into activity. these cells fist absorb nutrients (atoms) that all them to make copies of the cells by splitting in two and populate the surface, or, the big bodies of H2O (water) that have formed on the dormant surface of the planet.

This of course answers the question, why we are here, it’s simply answered with to create new hosts for the universes building blocks, to activate the dormant atoms in the crust.

Atoms then created by mutation, even more complex carbon based life forms. The new life forms created had their pattern set at the birth of the universe. These life forms had to exist and survive it has been a natural program since day one. The new life forms had the ability to create more of their own kind and to adapt into more efficient species ever since its been a race to the top of the ladder to create an ultimate species of nutrient gatherer’s.

We human’s, are the total product at this stage of time. The perfect host for our building blocks. We as intelligent beings are only important to the atoms. That are forever seeking other useful atoms to blend with to build and repair and help the carbon entity the host, exist so it can forage for more atoms to activate them. Prior built hosts had been stationary and could only seek required atoms locally and seeding new hosts to feed elsewhere, were geared to nature, wind water or roots etc. Of course these methods improved with the very mobile host of who is also a method of seeding.

Oh your soul? That’s imaginary as with super beings and a heaven after death. However your atoms will be around possibly for billions of year more, yep that’s the afterlife. You are just a walking moving corals of atoms with a brain.

The question why the big bang happened is simply answered with what energy could be created in a void and by what? The fact that the void has no temperature does not mean its not very, very, cold as you may know temperature of matter starts at -273 C’ (Kelvin 1). space is actually a constant Kelvin 0 as far as we can tell. The void has a natural law we call natural progression of which is a constant too. It had to expand and pull matter into being and energy into existence. Something has to exist and that’s the nature of the universe.

Currently, scientists know of 118 different elements these are the known building blocks of the universe. Those 118 plus elements.

The scribe that wrote that God made man in gods image in the Jewish holy scripts, is ironically nearly right as everything in the universe, is based on a pattern mimic. You will find many thing on our planet, are based on mimic built from atoms (godlets) .

The small building blocks make their own cement or glue of which is of course magnetic force.

What came first the atom or energy

Well energy needs atoms to exists as they have to create energy to exist. then all those particles you hear Quantum mechanics. have to be present to create that energy a atom has to obtain them or will change in to a dead neutron. It however can be part of a circulate of other atoms of flowing electrons if its element is conductive.

Atoms nature is first to create molecules with other different other element atoms this being the first building ability. Those that know something, about chemistry. That there are many chemicals, that should not be mixed together. As with gasses as they can cause explosions, or, be ignited by a spark. Hot-gasses are at the center of most galaxies. So it’s logical that there was one hell of an explosion that forced all the atom in to a 360 degree radiating event for ever out ward in to the open void, we call space. Of course that simply explains, the expansion and why galaxies are getting further away from each other. There is nothing complicated about it, It’s all logical and needs no imaginary explanations.

Atoms are alive they pulsate as well as their particles spin and orbit each alternately working together in unison to make no space

FactsIn fact scientist need to learn to think like a atomist philosopher, that means understanding of the principles of why and how atoms behave, as they do.

First taking a look how the atoms in the nearest star of which just happens to be Sol our Sun. Not just it content The tabular chart that arranges atoms by Atomic number our trusty old periodic table. But what the atoms are actually doing, Of which is a really chaotic changing molecules structures. Seeming something they like to do, Or designed to do, or, it may be better to say they have to do so, as its their nature.

Sol in its formation as a star, has spun off large and small solar flares as like a roman candle. That have formed our planetary system, due to spin and gravity, it has retained many that rotate and orbit around their mother (so to speak). These planets have done exactly the same, to form their moons, that obit around them. The planets spin as you well know and generate their own gravity.

Only the nearest planets have retain chaotic very active structure changes of molecule. As the are kept active by the energy rays from the sun. The farther away planets surfaces have cooled down, Then farther away they are, the outer surfaces have formed a crusts. Even before you go past Mars, planets have completely solidified and the atoms, have become in a dormant state. But they are still very much a live, just not active.

The Crusting of a planets surface is the point, where atoms carry on their natural way of the need to be active. In changing their natural way of changing molecules, To do so they must group molecules, in to living corals. At first using liquefied and gas elements, such as air and water of which in my opinion is the possibly. The most successful way for evolving into,simple living corrals of atoms. Because its in the benefit of other atoms to have a drifting, or, nutrient gathering coral of atoms as a tool to activate dormant atoms. Water itself gathers, a mix of minerals from river beds. Flowing down from mountain and seeping through the planets crust.

The suns kinetic frequency energy causes water to turn in to gas that rises and become vapor clouds that will float in the air the pour down rain why cooling down oxygen mixed with cooled down hydrogen to form water (H2O). A perfect recycling system the constantly changes activates molecules structure. But limited to a small number of elements. that erodes the earths crust making rivers of water that carry nutrient needed by plant life and living things on land and finally the seas.

Some reader may see that my finding, could change many sciences that will benefit the human species. Even give many answers to how the universe, actually works. Helping astrophysicist in their thirst of knowledge, of what is out there and improve their theories.

There are five natural rules concerning the nature of atoms

  1. be active
  2. Build molecules.
  3. To use or create and spread EnergY.
  4. To create magnetism
  5. To build species as tool to activate dormant atoms.

They are so important and we need to know the truth about them to really understand how the universe works.

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