CHAPTER FOUR – What is the universe expanding into?

Illustration of a planet or star explosion.

Well its a vacuum with clumps of atoms, that you refer as mass. They have been pushed ever outwards, By what can only be at a centre point, of the original vacuum. Having no resistance in this nothingness, they are expanding outward and creating distance.

At this moment Hugh distances have been created with absolutely nothing in between. Only large clusters of … together by atom made gravity. Yes we are talking galaxies are affected by the split the initial 360 degrees explosion caused split up the original big bang.

There have of course been other explosions we call Super Nova. That have confused the feeble minded,  as they have caused collisions. Then we have solar orbiting is just only naturally perfect but have natural time limits and within those limits planets and moons distant themselves gradually.

I hope this has more than answer you’re questions? As I am trying to make understanding the universe simple.

Thoughts that there was no Big bang is simply very stupid, as without one we would not exist and it’s as simple as that.

How to judge the universe is not expanding as fast or faster than light.

Atom matter Communities (stars) observed in the universe, by the human eye would have blur tails and the night sky.  Having so many stars would white out our sky at night.

With the effects of the abnormal amount of star blurriness’s, would make viewing space by telescope, inside our atmosphere pointless.  But the night’s sky would be illuminated, by the extra activity. Of atoms in the top layers at the top of our atmosphere. So whatever theorist state about the expanding universe travelling faster than light, is absolute nonsense.

Understanding Gravity

Gravity is produced by spin and orbit but actually starts at the atom level.

As you may know there are 118 plus element’s some are conductive and others are not.  That is the factor that makes the difference between a conductive element such as iron that is a pure magnetic metal and silicon that is not. Iron is a super conductor that can be made into a magnet by electron flow.

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together.

Gravity, however, is made weak by non-conductive elements in its atom mix though the mass is still a magnet but a very weak one.  The Earth mix as it cooled after it was launched from the sun in a massive solar flare in a 90 plus billion-mile orbit. It becomes a perfect generator to make gravity the centre fusion of its orbit and spin. Made heavy elements sink to its centre the most lighter elements gases floated to the surface that created a climate that cooled down the crust as the heavy metal opposite spin cooled down the centre.  Atoms in mass create magnetism (pull) to keep atoms together in a sphere they also pulsate and send out frequency waves (push) to push out space they expand twice their atomic size. and overlap and work in unionism to keep any vacuum out. Its they that make the gravity within the mixed element that makes the mass.

Universe Gyroscopic Dynamics


Electrons have spin and a balanced orbit they are part of the real building blocks of the universe, the atoms. One atom broadcasts a frequency that can vibrate other atoms and create energy. Its electrons spin are said to be faster than light. The atom is a centralized balanced gyroscope. The atom is the most important working part of universe it builds, always carries energy, it has the ability to create an electric circuit with other atoms etc. I fondly call it a godlet. It has the ability to join other differing atom elements and create molecules that being its first build skill so to speak.

2. Solar systems

Solar Gyroscopic dynamics Planet spin and orbit and why Earth does not crash in the sun. Both the sun have gravity caused by spin the Sun’s gravity is 274 m/s². The Earths gravity 9,087 m/s². Both have an attracting pull force. what keeps them away from Earth’s orbit( and speed (67,000 mph.) its a perfect Gyroscopic balance. The same applies to the moon of which gravity is 1.62 m/s² and speed is 2,288 mph This means the orbiter pulls on densities up to or about 997 kg/m³ (water) when its orbit is closer to earth. This means a similar effect on the Sun when our orbit is close. As always the way things work logically simple. I am going to call this Solar Gyroscopic dynamics. This logic theory. will I am sure be widened. It may answer a few other questions on our planets effects on the Sun. The truth about all Wave Frequencies Bands The Space Pond – Sol our Sun atoms are hyper active due molecular chemical atomic reaction in the image below I have changed all that energy as if it was a pond floating in space.

You may note this fact can be tested by sending sound waves in a cold vacuum tube no sounds will be heard then the wave will travel at the speed of light. Space is actually a very quiet place. All Earths energy is made on this planet of ours by vibration

3. Gravity Is the cause of mass, spin and orbit that creates the energy. Plus the multi-molecule structure of both the orbiter and the centrale mass being orbited. Earth is a planet that is a build of the numerous number of differing atom elements all with centred gyroscopic dynamics. The atoms have built by natural chaos many differing molecules of differing insular and conducive qualities basically its a chemical mix. The orbiter creates centrifugal force by speed of orbit the spin and the gyroscopic dymamics

The further away you are away from Earth,  Dimensions change from 3 to 2 and 2 very different ones. as there is no surface the judge height then you can not judge width as their is no solid ground to judge it by Length become distance.

So there is no bottom, or, top and the bottom could be top and via versa. You can not see them, how much distance you look. The vacuum is endless and you can only judge where you are, by direction and distance. You can, however, measure objects made of matter, better if you stand on their atom surface. But you can not measure an area of space, without using matter, made spheres. No Dimensions can be added in a void of nothingness, in the distance between matter made sphere.

Then time can be used to measure far away distance, using the light mirage,  caused by the slowness of visible light. The light you see is at the time it started, it’s journey and that it defiantly a mirage and is not any thing to do with Dimensions. There only two Dimensions in space

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