CHAPTER FIVE – The Creation

How was the Universe created

The question of why or how the Universe was created is simply answered with what energy could be created in a void and by what? The fact that the void has no temperature does not mean its not very very cold as you may know the temperature of matter starts at -273.15 C’ (Kelvin 0).   So space is actually a constant Kelvin 0.  The void has a natural law we call natural progression of which is a constant too. It had to expand and pull matter and energy into existence. I suggest that it was a billion years or so, the cold fusion event of a binary nature. A pair of negative charged unstable yellow superstars. 

The Dark Age

The dark Age a period suggested after the fission event termed the big bang which I would suggest was a massive supernova of a binary a pair of unstable supergiants.

The Dark Age was the time that the universe showed the starting pattern of how matter and antimatter had formed a sort of balance in a new universe with super black holes  (quasars) looking like they at eating matter but in truth, they are attracting matter into a so to spear central kill zone. The so called, collapsed stars shrunk dense centre point dark sphere. that sprays out radiation. the central spin causes an incredible strong MAGNETIC negative (south pole) attracting field as the atoms are a negative charged. So this is nothing to do with the weaker force called gravity. Such black holes took much shorter time length to form and such Hugh stars burned Hydrogen fuel much faster in the dark age.

A new perception on Super Novas

We so far have related to Black Holes as being the product of a large star that runs out of hydrogen to generate nuclear power then explodes into a supernova.

I have discovered a new perception concerning the event.  Well, actually events by looking at Hubble photos of Super Novas.

1. The Initial explosion of a Super Nova

 Eta Carinae
Eta Carinae Supernova Hubble

The corona a red cloud spun of and the surface of the star pink explosions seeming exploded at two explosive events of the stars spin with some of the central magma.

The Spinning super nova explosion

Super Nova’s explode as they expand outward the from centre of the stars, atoms change to a minus charge as they have run out of hydrogen to burn so suddenly.

Eta Carinae :: 20 Jun 07

The Gravity changes, to pure magnetic attraction.  Thus stopping the outward motion of the Super Nova, Those central atoms become anti-matter and all matter is pulled inwards. To its final extinction.the remanence of the stars, spin rotates much faster. The dark centre is produced by antimatter and matter cancelling each other out. Thus the radiation Jets from the heart of the black hole form.

Radiation footprint seen in antimatters experiments at CERN when antimatter meets matter just before both simply disappear.

Concerning the Neutron star theory of formation it could be the stars much bigger go Supernova cause an event like the Big Bang?

When our solar system was young

Most of our solar system planets were born from the sun as giant solar flares mass of energy that did not return to the suns surface but spun into and orbit the spin and speed geared to the mass and the mass and gravity it was a random perfect accident so to speak earth could have shot off into space as an asteroid (some of our visitors were born that way) Our earth having spun its heavy metal molecules in to its centre may have helped in placing it into a perfect gyroscopic balanced orbit of the sun. Both have gravity pull caused by spin but the speed of earth spin which is 1000 mph approximately and its orbit 66000 Mph of sets the suns gravity and earth put and keeps the earth in a

gyroscopic balanced orbit. The moon may of been a visitor or born of earth or sun and again a lucky random choice put in a perfect gyroscopic balanced orbit around earth.

In fact, we put our satellites using the same principles but we get it wrong as their orbit brings them down after a period of time. If my idea is correct it could mean we could work out the best the to put our satellites in. But maybe not as the correct speed and spin may impede what they are being used for.

Evolution of our species

Crawling out of the sea and rivers

Is this an ancestor of humankind? Did our species crawl and climb out of the oceans and rivers all over the Planet earth? That we did not come out of Africa? Say hello to what, maybe the missing link in our evolution?

Paleontologist and scientist that study evolution, in my opinion, have to a lot to learn and are set on one path of thinking of which is partly due to the corruption of science.

I believe that our species ancestor crawled out of the sea and rivers and evolution changes where similar changed to suit environment and to create a very intelligent tool to activate and release dormant atoms to make them active. We are the best tool on our planet we are part of.

That once again scientific good guesses are bad assumptions?

Planet ShrinkT

Earth has shrunk since the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago, the gravity pull may have been 2 or 3 times stronger than now. The air was thinner,  that changed gradually as the effects of the gradual shrinking made the planet increase its spin and as the earth shrunk the atmosphere volume of gasses of course volume count raised accordingly.  

The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, which occurred approximately 66 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period, caused the extinction of all dinosaur groups except for the neornithine birds.  It would be logical to think that the gradual shrinking of the earth had a lot to play in the extinction Dinosaur extinction. Their weight was why they died from heart related problems and over weight problems and become extinct.

The shrinking was three folded, volcanoes spewing Hugh molten matter out into space. Due to the pressure caused by a prolonged thickening of the earth crust and the solidifying of the metallic core at the centre of the earth. The weather changed as the earth spin sped up gradually to suit the shrinking mass.  The Ice age being part of the Earth’s adjustment.  plus many other natural events.    

This logic theory is based on the Hugh size of species, in the Triassic period there had to be a good reason, for their size and mass.  Logically thinking it was a much strong gravitational pull and the need for very strong muscle heavy bone exoskeleton. The bones however wherein the legs were cleverly constructed to be light but very strong as they had bubbles of air within the structure of the bones.

The very slow death of a Universe

Everything as a beginning and end with a set limitation within this universe we are lucky to be part of. There is a load of recycling going but eventual the atoms and antimatter must meet and cancel themselves out. The birth is very similar in a way the conditions are much the same. Let me explain it’s a lot to do with temperature and energy plus of course natural Progression (a constant timeline). First, you start of with a completely empty void with no energy whatsoever its an affinity of nothingness. I refer to as virgin space. It does have a centre point the temperature is extremely cold and constantly dropping as natural progression plot on at its set constant speed of 1037.5 MPH. Earth measurement of distance and time. No, the measurement did not exist then but Natural progression certainly did. When the temperature goes below -273.15 C’ as energy does not exist Cold Fusion starts a very slow implosion of negative energy that has a stress point I name this Fusion AstroFusion.The Stress point I call AstroFission it the even that negative energy ruptures into positive energy and mass to contain it matter and antimatter. out of nothing. The temperature being the opposite of the AstroFusion temperature. Of what I believe logically to be in the region of 90 trillion Centigrade. Whereas the Fusion stress point could be about 100 billion kelvin at a good logical guess.

How did I work that out well the fact a Black Hole, has to be created after a Super Nova explodes at the temperature of 100 billion Kelvin. Any lower a  Neutron Star is created,  black holes drag matter and matter together and that cancels both out. Of course, when they do vibration frequency radiation records the event is then released outward as a light wave. 

Black holes are stated as being stellar, supermassive, and miniature but I believe there is only one type of black hole. What we are actuall seeing, are different stages of its life and near death. They lose mass due to matter and antimatter meeting and disappearing into nothingness.
Yes! Stephen Hawkin’s nearly got it right. Black holes can and in the end do shrink very slowly as part of the universe dies.

This Theory has been given proof by experiments at CERN with antimatter. 

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