CHAPTER EIGHT – Science Fiction and Reality

Aliens meet man could that be even possible?

There is actually a very profitable industry built around Aliens visiting from space selling fake videos and photo’s and fake stories can make easy money. Because some  humans can be made to believe in anything. Even dragged out to look at the night sky in groups those events attract hoax events.

I somehow find it to believe as there is so much faking and lying going on any think real would be hidden among so much outrageous rubbish.

I look for logical proof and facts.

There is actually a very profitable industry built around Aliens visiting from space selling fake videos and photo’s and fake stories can make easy money. Because some  humans can be made to believe in anything. Even dragged out to look at the night sky in groups those events attract hoax events.

I look for logical proof and facts.

The best thing is to look back at the past as far as 5-7 million years ago when there is some good proof that aliens may of visited our planet Then we have to look at the possibilities that we may have developed a home grown advanced civilization. there has been many civilization and empire that have since fallen since after that period of time. But that period has nearly been eroded and changed by earth movement, water and weather erosion and that that exists have only has been found it the past three centuries or so.

But looking at the other side of the coin we have to look at the realities of space travel and how our planet close enough to be visited from alien visitor. So first where was our solar system position with in the Milkyway?  As we are orbiting it’s galaxy. If we could work that out we could work out the nearest solar system at that period of time.  Even point hubble in the direction where that that solar system has moved to now. Maybe I have helped to start a new scientific project who knows who actually reads these theories of mine.

Using logic thinking we could work out the distance alien spacecraft would have to travel to reach Earth. I suggest it would not be the speed of light nor any science fiction impossible crap. Helium and using the helium solar wind would be a possible way to travel and of course other planets and suns gravity are all a possibility.  I would suggest a sensible speed for good fast navigation would be their best aim. I suspect that 2 or 3 years of travel about one third of the speed of light would be logical plan of events.

Colonization our planet could of been a problem. Breeding may not been possible because their moon or moons had less or more gravity pull or they needed more than one moon to breed. The latter could have open up experimentation of mixing their species with earth species playing with DNA?  First inseminating  theirsperm  andthen having sex with the test samples.

I suggest the planets are too far away for space travel to be considered. That their original planet is been destroyed by war. that much of their DNA is mixed with ours.  I guess we will be copying their method of survival and have all the same problems they had.

It could be they were around longer than the two million years I have suggested in this theory.

Alien visitation to earth?

The old ancient stories of Gods, have interested me, for many years. Then did they seed earth with life. I have been, very sceptic, such things. Until recently when I started thinking,  how important Luna is, to life as we know it on Earth.

Many of us have watched the history channel.

what should be considered is thought, about problems of breeding, on any other planet other than Earth. That most defiantly need a moon in the same type of orbit. The same size and distance away, from any planet we colonize.  Or that we can not breed without our moon Luna and that would make us barren. If we leave earth with every possibility of health problems caused by the lack of Luna.

I suggest every intelligent species, would have a similar problem, on what controls their breeding cycles. If we have been visited by an advanced alien civilization. That found they could not breed on Earth. What would they do?

I think they would try to Breed artificially, with a biped native of the planet they want to colonize.  This would, or, could logically fit in with the stories, of our our ancient ancestor’s.

The fact they left, could be that our planets have been distanced by our change of distance. That now separates our solar system from theirs. Where was positioned in the Milkyway in 7000 to 4,500 BC?

Could it be we see their civilation destruction on May 14th 2017

Two images of NGC 6946: one from 2011 and a similar one from May 14, 2017, which shows the new and brightening supernova, SN 2017eaw.Gianluca Masi / Virtual Telescope Project / Tenagra Observatories, Ltd

The destruction of our visitors home solar system? Who but knows.?

But I do know our species will have the same problem they may had in populating other solar systems within our reach and limited space travel. Then finding a solar system just like ours, may never be possible for our species.

Those that imagine it easy or believe we can dominate anywhere space or be part of an empire as depicted in the movies of the star wars series needs to think again.  Reality is a real pig.

Quantum Teleportation is it even possible?

The Theory : – Quantum teleportation is a process by which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement.

The Problems : – If Quantum entanglement was possible you would end up having 1 atom in one place and a sort of a cloned atom in another place.

Then it would be hard if you were using this method let say sending a pencil that would have 10 Million atoms to have them end up all in the same place. Moving on from that sending a person (a clone of a person, of course, would create a blood mess at the other end of the journey. Have you ever thought about how many atoms there are in a human body and how complex a human cell really is? Then the memories stored in a human brain.

This theory has no logic sorry to say. Beam me up Scotty.

I blame science fiction writer George Langelaan for the stupid Quantum entanglement theory. �

Atoms and reincarnation by recycling atoms

It is possible that when a species dies the atoms get recycled into the food chain. The brain atoms used in memory cells structure could contain memories and end up in the brain of an embryo in a female womb. Thus it could be logically factual that reincarnation happens in species. This is not my opinion or theory as you may perceive as I am an atheist but have an open mind.

It could be that the universe likes to controlled groups, Tribal, religion, political and governed.

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