CHAPTER TWO – The Living Universe and its “LIVING” atoms

We can only approximately size a 93 billion light years (diameter), of the universe, we live in. We can only explain it, as being infinite. It’s matter composition is an infinite amount of atoms. Differing compositions of protons, neutrons and electrons. That we can classify as elements, that make up its modular structures.

Looking at the composition of our planet these atoms are fantastically amazing especially those that have supported and have over a long span of time mixed and weaved themselves to form life made from their combined elements. Combination’s of atoms have created flora that used the substance of elements to grow and thrive.

Later, within the ageing universe and the solid, gaseous and liquid-based ball we call earth. Differing new flora evolving, some that could seed, or, split and populate the oceans. Then later the land that had thrust itself high, by the expanding liquid hot gaseous centre and mantel of the spinning ball of atoms. A revolving planet of the star called Sol. The flora seeds evolved into living fauna, that had much more freedom to seek elements for substance much easier. Then these new species started eating the older establish ones. That’s the point when the survival of the fittest kicked in that eventually led to creatures with brains and expanding levels of intelligence.

Most people now have at least a rudimentary knowledge of Darwin’s theories and also know that those theories have been given proof now we understand DNA more proof is provided that evolution is indeed a fact.

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together.

One point is that something that is and has been overlooked is that atoms are alive and they are alive with energy, many atoms are dormant but hardly ever die, they can all spark with energy. The universe is alive with atoms and could not exist without them.


Science was very backward, in the 20th century where theorist thought that particles actually left atoms to wander freely.

When in reality particles inside an atom do not even leave atoms to go anywhere or the atom would collapse to be just a neutron. They send out wave frequency vibrations that excite other atoms. Electrons and protons have to be instant be replaced in an electric circuit or atoms would end up dying and just be neutrons. Atoms need every particle to function as they do.

Because you can not see atoms in gasses such as those that we turn as air you’re fooled in to think that atom particles, can travel around like there is nothing there. You are not aware how busy atoms are in passing on energy.

How electrons travel

The reality electrons flow through chains of conductive atoms and halted by non conductive atoms. They are limited to the voltage supply on how far they travel. Even if there is a conductivity passage to an earth, or, to a negative path. Same as in a manmade circuit through conductive element made wire.

There is no conductive path to the vacuum of space. where energy can only travel as a kinetic produced frequency wave as vibrations of the frequency cannot be passed on as there is nothing to pass anything to. It, however can travel as far, as it can, the speed of light. As far as it can, before the wave fades. its geared to voltage (volume) of its source.

Its actually a simple natural universal law to understand

In this century frequency, vibration wave theories are being under attack because QM itself has become very questionable as being science fiction due to a lack of logical thinking. Much of the problem is thinking there is a subatomic level of building blocks. that one can pull atoms apart with electronic magic tweezers. As the greeks rightly said atoms can not be cut up. (The universe was composed of very small, indivisible and indestructible building blocks known as atoms (from the Greek atomos , meaning uncuttable)

What is matter?

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together. Her we see
Two Frames of a Hydro atom using a modern virtual digital micro scope imaging at nn focal. The frames are actually draw and painted on frames and allotted a wave band frequency this one is a hydrogen atom. showing how the atom actual works. Its very clever technology.        
Atoms are alive they pulsate as well as their
particles spin and orbit each alternately working together in unison to make no space for space so matter pulsates as one mass.

Matter is a community of live atoms of many elements Earth has 118 plus known elements. Though you can not see atoms with the naked eye they are all sending out a frequency that is specific to each element type of atoms.

Atoms have two know functions of push and pull. Their frequency pushes and their created magnetism pulls This keeps the community together (pull) and pushes space out (push). Atoms expand by approximately, 1/3 of their actual size and deflate back just like a pump. they as a community to overlap each other’s space so vacuum of space can enter the mass of the total community. It means also that little can leak out, into the vacuum of space.

What is mass?

It seem there is great misconception about what mass is.

  1. Well, its made of atom elements and its NOT energy!
  2. A particle of an Atom can not gain mass or lose Mass.
  3. Energy can not change into mass.  Even photosynthesis does not change energy into mass it helps to create cells out of atoms elements that are all ready present in matter and the total mass of earth.
  4. Mass can collectively create energy, but needs vibrating frequency waves to  make create it and certain conductive molecules  can store energy.
  5. Electrons need a conductive circuit path to travel (like pass the parcel) though atmosphere.
  6. An atom particle can not add mass as they are not the full working atom anyway.
  7. Atoms however have the ability to add atomic weight and density  or lose it if change into another element. Such if hydrogen being striped of its electrons by atomic fusion changes to helium of which is classified as atomic weight 2 in the element chart and Hydrogen is atomic weight 1

Calculating the Number of Atoms in a Cell

What an amazing feat of engineering that could only be created by an amazing form of inteligence

According to an estimate made by engineers at Washington University, there are around 1014 atoms in a typical human cell.

Another way of looking at it is that this is 100,000,000,000,000 or 100 trillion atoms. Interestingly, the number of cells in the human body is estimated to be about the same as the number of atoms in a human cell. Now just imagine how many there are in the universe?

Do plant add to Mass and matter?Energy and photosynthesis?

There seems to be misconception that has a simple answer:

photosynthesis,  actually stimulates energy CELL growth and does not create atoms

The stimulation uses atoms from the atmosphere, water and crust of the planet its a case of shifting matter (mass) and create energy that can be eaten by the species of our planet. 

Mass stays the same its always however, changing it average atomic weight

The Intelligence factor of Atoms

There has to be a form of natural intelligence in atoms I would logical be looking at the centre of the atom to find that within the Protons and neutrons. My suspicions are the quarks can form a collective atom based thought cell.

Is the universe talking to us?

We are of course are walking corrals of atoms, the atoms run our life. our brains are made of atoms. We are part of the universe of which has shape us as a species. That has a job to activate dormant and we do a very good job in doing so.

Tnankfully Lin Tianzhuan the Human Coral Reef Man has been Cured

As atoms are used in our thought process of designing tools and machinery, that also change molecules structure. Could this be because the universe is communication and controlling our thoughts.

To carry out the main protocol of the universes atoms, need in being recycled more efficiently. To keep the universe more active when atoms become dormant. Our job is to make the activating system more efficient. That why we are here.

Maybe I am tasked to let you know the what our task is and the universe don’t want us to destroy ourselves as we are doing a good job. It learns as we learn about why it exists? Please don’t change the status quo as the universe has to start all over again in this solar system?

The universe is thinking and learning with us. Can you just imagine its thoughts how ever basic or complex it is though millions of eyes? My mind well my very input boggles just looking at the picture input of Hubble pure beauty of it all in this small part of the universe.

Amazing grace

Yes, I do think the universe is intelligent and the atoms have made it so.

In my logic philosophic research, I have noticed how species on earth mimic the nature of the universe. One can easily see that atoms have a form of intelligence. It’s also easy to see, that the universe is in fact teaming with life . The universe is very much alive. My logic research indicates that atoms. that can build such, an intelligent species as our selves. Must have a massive universal Wifi, type neuron connect intelligence. That our brain mimics may be this is the cause of the mysterious dark matter that’s baffling astrophysics at this moment?

I have a hunch that we and the universe are both in a learning curve concerning why it exists and its own beauty.

It, however, does not have morals, or, a conscious as that would block it’s main goals. Keeping it self active at any cost, it needs to control its many species it can, to activate as many atoms as they can. It does not not worry about the casualties, of its efforts, as they are recycled anyway.

The only point of natural concern would be if it has designed. A species that is become better than any others, before in inventiveness. It Worlds not like them to blow themselves up. As it needs their eyes and minds to find out more about itself.

It could want them to know its been manipulating the species life to get them to improve the activate dominant atom system. Maybe even to create artificial intelligence androids and send them out to far away planets like Gods to inspire other species into being just like our species.

It could be our science fiction writers, gave the universe such a goal or goals?

Who is in control of you? That is very hard to say as your brain was built by atoms and made of atoms. You are a useful tool in the atom recycling system.

You are as they are selfish to certain levels, greedy unless you’r not programmed to be. You will follow along like a sheep and can and in many cases do obey any belief that your atoms in your brain need you to do.

So it’s the atoms that are so to speak sublimely controlling you. Just think about if your atoms let you?

The God Factor?

The Universe is very bad at being a God because it has is own selfish agenda and that’s is to keep the godlets very active and learn about itself and try to find why it exists.

It has an infinite number of godlets (atoms) and x amount of species as its. audio, visual and sensual part of its being. It has a very ever-expanding network biological computer network. We are talking about a Spinoza’s God that Albert Einstein believed the Universe to be. This fits into a pantheist belief that God is everywhere. Then close to the Native American belief of spirit gods and I am sure many other religions have come close as well. which could give proof that the universe does communicate to intelligent species.  But we have not been intelligent enough to understand?

Why are Humans the best species evolved on this planet by atoms?

Well, the more intelligent a species is the better it gets at gathering and recycling atoms and helpful in making the conditions right for atoms to change their atomic structures.

You even dig and drill into the crust and abstract water, minerals and oil you feed the plants and travel very far. You built and destroy, you make machines that enliven the way atoms like. You daily feed the small and even the ones you can not see.

You plant seeds nurture plants and look after other species even feed. them.

Even when you murder and destroy or shed dry skin you are an amazing gatherer and recycling species. The best on the planet. You even mate and make copies of your selves. You can bet the atoms in your brain are affecting the way you think. Even made your ancestors create religions and politics. Wanted you to be easily brainwashed and control.

To be greedy in having personal, pleasure and to be an active gatherer of nutrients the number one dormant atom activator on planet Earth.

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