CHAPTER EIGHT – Science Fiction and Reality

Aliens meet man could that be even possible?

There is actually a very profitable industry built around Aliens visiting from space selling fake videos and photo’s and fake stories can make easy money. Because some  humans can be made to believe in anything. Even dragged out to look at the night sky in groups those events attract hoax events.

I somehow find it to believe as there is so much faking and lying going on any think real would be hidden among so much outrageous rubbish.

I look for logical proof and facts.

There is actually a very profitable industry built around Aliens visiting from space selling fake videos and photo’s and fake stories can make easy money. Because some  humans can be made to believe in anything. Even dragged out to look at the night sky in groups those events attract hoax events.

I look for logical proof and facts.

The best thing is to look back at the past as far as 5-7 million years ago when there is some good proof that aliens may of visited our planet Then we have to look at the possibilities that we may have developed a home grown advanced civilization. there has been many civilization and empire that have since fallen since after that period of time. But that period has nearly been eroded and changed by earth movement, water and weather erosion and that that exists have only has been found it the past three centuries or so.

But looking at the other side of the coin we have to look at the realities of space travel and how our planet close enough to be visited from alien visitor. So first where was our solar system position with in the Milkyway?  As we are orbiting it’s galaxy. If we could work that out we could work out the nearest solar system at that period of time.  Even point hubble in the direction where that that solar system has moved to now. Maybe I have helped to start a new scientific project who knows who actually reads these theories of mine.

Using logic thinking we could work out the distance alien spacecraft would have to travel to reach Earth. I suggest it would not be the speed of light nor any science fiction impossible crap. Helium and using the helium solar wind would be a possible way to travel and of course other planets and suns gravity are all a possibility.  I would suggest a sensible speed for good fast navigation would be their best aim. I suspect that 2 or 3 years of travel about one third of the speed of light would be logical plan of events.

Colonization our planet could of been a problem. Breeding may not been possible because their moon or moons had less or more gravity pull or they needed more than one moon to breed. The latter could have open up experimentation of mixing their species with earth species playing with DNA?  First inseminating  their sperm  and then having sex with the test samples.

I suggest the planets are too far away for space travel to be considered. That their original planet is been destroyed by war. that much of their DNA is mixed with ours.  I guess we will be copying their method of survival and have all the same problems they had.

It could be they were around longer than the two million years I have suggested in this theory.

Alien visitation to earth?

The old ancient stories of Gods, have interested me, for many years. Then did they seed earth with life. I have been, very sceptic, such things. Until recently when I started thinking,  how important Luna is, to life as we know it on Earth.

Many of us have watched the history channel.

what should be considered is thought, about problems of breeding, on any other planet other than Earth. That most defiantly need a moon in the same type of orbit. The same size and distance away, from any planet we colonize.  Or that we can not breed without our moon Luna and that would make us barren. If we leave earth with every possibility of health problems caused by the lack of Luna.

I suggest every intelligent species, would have a similar problem, on what controls their breeding cycles. If we have been visited by an advanced alien civilization. That found they could not breed on Earth. What would they do?

I think they would try to Breed artificially, with a biped native of the planet they want to colonize.  This would, or, could logically fit in with the stories, of our our ancient ancestor’s.

The fact they left, could be that our planets have been distanced by our change of distance. That now separates our solar system from theirs. Where was positioned in the Milkyway in 7000 to 4,500 BC?

Could it be we see their civilation destruction on May 14th 2017

Two images of NGC 6946: one from 2011 and a similar one from May 14, 2017, which shows the new and brightening supernova, SN 2017eaw.Gianluca Masi / Virtual Telescope Project / Tenagra Observatories, Ltd

The destruction of our visitors home solar system? Who but knows.?

But I do know our species will have the same problem they may had in populating other solar systems within our reach and limited space travel. Then finding a solar system just like ours, may never be possible for our species.

Those that imagine it easy or believe we can dominate anywhere space or be part of an empire as depicted in the movies of the star wars series needs to think again.  Reality is a real pig.

Quantum Teleportation is it even possible?

The Theory : – Quantum teleportation is a process by which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement.

The Problems : – If Quantum entanglement was possible you would end up having 1 atom in one place and a sort of a cloned atom in another place.

Then it would be hard if you were using this method let say sending a pencil that would have 10 Million atoms to have them end up all in the same place. Moving on from that sending a person (a clone of a person, of course, would create a blood mess at the other end of the journey. Have you ever thought about how many atoms there are in a human body and how complex a human cell really is? Then the memories stored in a human brain.

This theory has no logic sorry to say. Beam me up Scotty.

I blame science fiction writer George Langelaan for the stupid Quantum entanglement theory. �

Atoms and reincarnation by recycling atoms

It is possible that when a species dies the atoms get recycled into the food chain. The brain atoms used in memory cells structure could contain memories and end up in the brain of an embryo in a female womb. Thus it could be logically factual that reincarnation happens in species. This is not my opinion or theory as you may perceive as I am an atheist but have an open mind.

It could be that the universe likes to controlled groups, Tribal, religion, political and governed.

CHAPTER NINE – The new space race

If the USA new Space Force is launched and the idea is to have a small community on the moon to mine minerals or then a bigger community on Mars. as the first step towards a star trek future in space more logical effort should be made by astrophysicist and theorist to get much closer than they can with imaginary good guess. Logic is needed to improve the guessing

Very possible off Earth Breeding problems of Humans

Still, many details of the moon’s effects on animal behaviour remain largely unknown due to a low volume of research, especially compared with the much broader base of research covering the effects of the solar cycle on animals. Less research has been done on Humans off Earth Breeding problems. Some may have been done on the Inter nation space station but mostly have been related to the effects of weightlessness effects on the human body. We actually need experiments on Mars to prove human breeding is possible without the effects of Luna our moon. We do know our evolution has aided breeding of all species on earth even it effects on the nocturnal world as stated by Kronfeld-Schor. Who admits lack of research on the issue.It would seem as of yet I am the first to have thoughts on this issue concerning colonization of space and I find it logically important in the future of human Space exploration.

While most assumptions on how the lunar cycle affects menstruation are speculation, several studies have been performed to try to find a correlation between the two.

In the 1980s, Winnifred B. Cutler published a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that studied 312 university women who were menstruating. She found that 40% of participants had the onset of menstruation within two weeks of the full moon, which means they were ovulating during the “dark phase,” or second half of the moon cycle when the moon isn’t visible from earth. The study showed 69 women had a menstrual cycle of about 29.5 days, the same length as the lunar cycle.Dr. Christian Northrup, an OB/GYN, says the phrase “moon time” was used for ages as a euphemism for menstruation, and when women lived together in clans, their menstrual cycles lined up with each other and the moon cycles. Thanks to evolution, we don’t necessarily have to be exposed to nature and the moon, nor do we have to live in a female cohort, in order to feel the effects of the lunar cycle on our bodies.


No known Data as yet.

Summary of my logical research of which has been limited by lack of research and known experimentation.

In my logic opinion is that the moon Luna has more effects than most may think on our ability to breed and our hormone cycle, as its been part and parcel to evolution of species on our planet I could effect females first of whom hormones and moods revolve around the gravity effects of the influence of the moon, on their bodies. Hormone imbalances cause them health issues that include early Menopause. It needs to be researched in my logic opinion. Also the effects of long space voyages something that is very important to woman’s health Those ideas of space tours and tourism in space need such research by company investment. All positive logical intelligent suggestions are very welcome. Stupid comments will be deleted as this is an important project independent of QM or science fiction theories.

Alien invasion fear can be subdued

To colonize space

We actually need planets approximately with one moon approximately the same size with approximately the same spins and the moons orbit takes the same approximate orbit pattern over approximate 28 days. To breed and survive happily.

One good thing is that Aliens would need the same type of environment as their home planet to breed and survive too. So people need not worry too much about Aliens invading Earth

Proof of other species are some where out there.

Looking for evidence of Intelligent sentinel species is much more complexed than some people may think. As we are presently notifying our existence only 120 light years away. That’s as far as we could get radio signals from anyway and it creeps out each year at 1 light year at a time.

Why this sudden need by USA to take control of local space?

Its become very apparent that the Quantum Mechanics plan has failed to block real science facts. China and Russia are working on real facts as are countries such as Iran. What is worrying the USA is the dangers of vibration frequency wave production. With the use of satellite technology. Its a switch away from Atomic missile technology. Whereas those James bond movies threats of death rays from Space, From satellites or from the Moon, are actually a real threat.

USA Space station garrisons in Local space.

SpaceX has nearly finished its government contract, to put a space garrison for USA new Space Force in orbit around the Earth.

CHAPTER TEN – Corrupted science.

I wonder if Albert Einstein was appealing to the science community in making his mistake about time, To promote more money for research. The idea of space and travel was very appealing back in the 1920s.

Niels Bohr, Louis de Broglie, Erwin Schrodinger, and Paul M. Dirac, advanced Planck’s theory and made possible the development of quantum mechanics–a mathematical application of the quantum theory that maintains that energy is both matter and a wave, depending on certain . Albert I think did not like the idea as i think he knew it was all about making money using fabricated calculus. Spooky noise from a distance is how he see it. The problem was his own calculus with the mistake would be used in many Quantum theories they would invent.

I think he was worried his time mistake would take his fame away. Some of the good guesses may turn out to hold water.

The problem I find is that teaching student these inventive theories most withoutany logical thinking applied is bad for real advancement in real science.

Like any thing on this planet everything thing has become corrupted. Science is suffering from this corruption.

However, the Hubble pictures of galaxies are wonderful and are the gift wrapperfor Quantum lecturers and great looking books. But what are we actually learning out of corrupt science? How to make good guesses (assumptions) with out logic thought?

AGU was established by the National Research Council and for more than 50 years operated as an unincorporated affiliate of the National Academy of Sciences. in 1918

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is a 01(c)(3)nonprofit organization of geophysicists, consisting of over 62,000 members from 144 countries. AGU’s activities are focused on the organization and dissemination of scientific information in the interdisciplinary and international field of geophysics. The geophysical sciences involve four fundamental areas: atmospheric and ocean sciences; solid-Earth sciences; hydrologic sciences; and space sciences. The organization’s headquarters is located on Florida Avenue in Washington, D.C. 

From its beginning in 1919 as the union of two committees—the American National Committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and the Committee on Geophysics of the National Research Council—AGU has grown to be the preeminent international force for the promotion of geophysical endeavours. Even in the early days of small-scale geophysics, from 1919 to 1948, AGU’s annual meetings provided the chief meeting place for the world’s leading geophysicists. Since then, the breadth of the field has vastly expanded as emerging technologies have enabled us to make significant advances in our understanding of Earth and space.

The work of AGU member scientists addresses processes that affect communities across the globe every day: rainfall rates, trends in marine fisheries, earthquake probabilities, lunar cycles, and volcanic eruption potentials. Much like the mechanisms that make our planet function, the work of geoscientists is interconnected with other research endeavours where investigators work together, unselfishly share ideas and data, and peer-review each other’s findings. The USA science corruption rot of science started in 1919. In the 1920s there was a deal made with scientist and corporations and several of the leading word economies about the future of the new automobile industry. Of course, the and the new energy industry Barron’s were at all of their yearly meetings.

The outcomes, see the rise of Quantum Mechanics and fantastic grants to expand research the new subatomic science based on imagination and science fiction writers who inspired possible new invitations.   That’s the time air and chemical pollution was ignored for the sake of profit on the stock markets of the world.the greenhouse effect. the fossil fuel coal was the cause of smog in the 1940s oil and gas and coke being seen the answer to that problem and coal was culled being used in houses and people were pleased with ridding the smog from the cities. However, the oil pollution deadly silent exhaust fumes built up in the 50s and the use of lead became seen as a poison and ad a danger to human health. So lead was taken out of petrol but still sold for older vehicles.   Then oil uses for pest control was poisoning our veg and fruit of course that was controlled of which was bioproduct of oil and coal. Then diesel pollution built up as well. This went on up, till today.   But sadly the very people we called geniuses from the 1920s revolution of science are the ones that created a false an deceitful corrupted science. Are to blame for a very polluted world.   Then to make matters worst the USA and Britain were worried about the power of vibration frequency waves used CERN and many universities to hide the real fact of how frequency waves function really behave. I get very amused at those films to show lasers from space being seen used by terrorist etc. and heroes such as James bond saving earth from the baddies terrors plots. There must have been a few people in the Pentagon etc. with hot collars.

The fact Nicolas Telsa was working on free electricity for everybody back in the 1920s and his ideas were hidden beggars belief

Theorist are blocking the way of new scientific thinking by standing in lecturer halls of scientific fame. There is this problem of the so-called accepted theories. They have seeming become to be seen as accepted truth. Because the icon gods are seen as hallowed super geniuses. That was not acceptable by the most famous one. Who was a very humble man, who knew he could make mistakes. The admired Albert Eisenstein of whom said over and over again he was not a genius.

I am not the first to see what is really going on or ask questions. This is an article from the

Inspiring scientist are creating theories and selling them off as facts if they can. First, why do theorist write theories? Well, its the way they make money and that’s the reality of it all.

Money has a knack of corrupting anything from sport to research, both subjects I have mentioned have been made very corrupt. As many may know that the CERN experiments have actually not given proof to most theories our brilliant theorist have been preaching to students for a long while now. In fact, there have been rumours that CERN will be closed down. Then there have been claims made by some theorist that its a very dangerous operation. You can bet that they fear their theories will be proven to be silly assumptions. That would mean to them their book sales royalty income will cease. I often hear maybe next year CERN will show its worth.

The problem I find is that the theorist pat each other on the back writing books and being paid as scientific experts

Theory has never been defined as being factual. Acceptable even is not a statement of this is true. In the case of science, corruption has even corrupted the definition of theory sadly. That blocks scientific minds, to question, what has been made acceptable, in a corrupted scientifically society. That could question the qualifications of

young scientist passing degrees or doctorates that have been taught by theorist that theories will be rubbished as not being acceptable, at a future date.

My advise, to young scientist is question everything and publish your theories ignoring, what is accepted as this is a block on scientific new development and progress.

The irony is that honest theorist can admit to making a mistake and be the darling of chats show hosts and republish a book saying how they got it wrong and why and explain why the theorist new perception is right. In fact, it could be a duel, authorship. More interesting inspiring duel type of fun lectures, on the stages of higher thinking. With audiences kept very wide awake. That would be real scientific fun.

Dishonest Science

Without integrity, science is entering a zone of public mistrust. Therefore there is seemingly a need for an oath of integrity and international and national laws. To cull corruption by governments and political organizations. That wish to deceive citizens for political gains. Also cull International and national industrial organization, from corrupting scientific research. To deceive would citizens with false and corrupted research reports. Each research project should given an identity number.

Scientist should be fully qualified and be licensed under oath. The media be fined heavily for fake news stories and reporting a fake research project number.

this will give more confidence that the research project are, not fake and the genuine thing.

My personal view is that scientist should push government and famed science institution. Many may wish research science, should have great integrate value and not be a tool to deceive the citizens of the modern scientific world as accurate scientific reports will increase the scientific knowledge banks.

For me, it would make reading the news, more pleasant and take away silly fake science research news. That often culls out the important facts.

It’s a sad old world, with your old student friends still play acting and inventing new Quantum Physics equations to earn as much money as they can out of science deception.

CHAPTER ELEVEN – Free power and Solar power.

Creating free power without burning fossil fuel was made possible as far back as 1915 and could of been imposed in the 1920’s.

But not the solar power of which you are possibly thinking about whilst reading this sentence. If you have read all the chapters in this book you may be: Guessing its to do with the true behaviour of vibration frequency waves. But its defiantly, not the visible waveband nor ultraviolet light. The latter being what solar panels use to make power.

We have to look at the whole wave spectrum for the most vibration wave types. Yes, we are looking at vibration power. So what vibrates the most dynamically within the whole wave spectrum?

I am very surprised that Nicolas Tesla of whom was messing around with a vibration machine he had invented.

Some called it Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine:

He constructed a simple device consisting of a piston suspended in a cylinder, which bypassed the necessity of a camshaft driven by a rotating power source, such as a gasoline or steam engine. In this way, he hoped to overcome loss of power through friction produced by the old system. This small device also enabled Tesla to try out his experiments in resonance. Every substance has a resonant frequency which is demonstrated by the principle of sympathetic vibration; the most obvious example is the wine glass shattered by an opera singer (or a tape recording for you couch potatoes.) If this frequency is matched and amplified, any material may be literally shaken to pieces.  

A vibrating assembly with an adjustable frequency was finally perfected, and by 1897, Tesla was causing trouble with it in and near the neighbourhood around his loft laboratory. Reporter A.L. Besnson wrote about this device in late 1911 or early 1912 for the Hearst tabloid The World Today. After fastening the resonator (“no larger than an alarm clock”) to a steel bar (or “link”) two feet long and two inches thick: He set the vibrator in “tune” with the link. For a long time nothing happened-&endash; vibrations of machine and link did not seem to coincide, but at last, they did and the great steel began to tremble, increased its trembling until it dilated and contracted like a beating heart and finally broke. Sledgehammers could not have done it; crowbars could not have done it, but a fusillade of taps, no one of which would have harmed a baby, did it. Tesla was pleased with his oscillating machine. So Tesla had a very good background knowledge about frequecies.

Tesla’s oscillating machine

The amazing power of noise frequencies by vibrating atoms is, in fact, the best way to make free energy anywhere any place in the universe. Tesla only had to do a bit of backward engineering to achieve his dream of free energy every where.

The Character and Power of sound

  1. Sound can be recorded
  2. It does not need to be played through speakers
  3. It can be used directly as an input into a vibration generator or many vibration generators. Without losing volume or vibration strength.
  4. No need for solar power or fossil fuel to be used to constantly generate the noise.
  5. Fully portable
  6. Can be sent by radio waves and be wireless
  7. It can produce multiple amounts of energy that it uses tho power the sound source.

Its already being used to power up cell phone on WIFI. In ongoing experiments.

We have been however highly polluting our planet by burning fossil fuels

The Author.

Bob Johnson-Perkins

Atomist, Cosmos Theorist and Research Analyst

Born 26th June 1946 Merton and Morden London United Kingdom

Founder of the science of Modern day Atomism

All complex problems have simple solutions, Logic thinking finds them and a good whisky always helps

Bob johnson-Perkins 9th February 2019

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