Why are we here?

Scientist have theorized evolution from proof found on this planet we occupy as carbon based bipeds but have yet to really understand why life exists. Its actual very simple but is made complex by the way atoms behave within the universe.

There is a natural atom law that is implemented when the  outer surface of  very active planet become dormant that is active atoms must  build tools to attempt to activate the dormant atoms. So they build molecules to form into a simple life forms that of a single cell that make it possible for

activate dormant atoms into activity. these cells fist absorb nutrients (atoms) that all them to created copied of the cells by splitting in two and populate the surface, or, the big bodies of H2O that have formed on the dormant surface of the planet.

Atoms then created by mutation, even more complex carbon based life forms. The new life forms created had their pattern set at the birth of the universe. These life forms had to exist and survive it has been a natural program since day one. The new life forms had the ability to create more of their own kind and to adapt into more efficient species ever since its been a race to the top of the ladder to create an ultimate species of nutrient gatherer’s.

We humans are the total product at this stage of time the perfect host for our building blocks. We as intelligent beings are only important to the atoms that are forever seeking other useful atoms to blend with to build and repair and help the carbon entity the host, exist so it can forage for more atoms to activate them. Prior built hosts had been stationary and could only seek required atoms locally and seeding new hosts to feed elsewhere, were geared to nature, wind water or roots etc. Of course these methods improved with the very mobile host of who is also a method of seeding.

This of course answers the question why we are here, it’s simply answered with to create new host for the universes building blocks, to activate dormant atoms.

Oh your soul? That’s imaginary as with super beings and a heaven after death. However your atoms will be around possibly for billions of year more, yep that’s the afterlife. You are just a walking moving corals of atoms with a brain.

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2 Replies to “Why are we here?”

  1. That story-line is an account of HOW humans came to get here. You have not 3explained Why humans are here.
    I will ask in return: “Why is there a natural atom law that is implemented when the outer surface of a very active planet becomes dormant that active atoms must build tools to attempt to activate the dormant atoms”. . .

    1. The book actually explains a lot more than the short theory does.

      Why the natural law? why should there not be one? lol Well atoms as a community like to be as active as they can be rather like ants, bees and viruses so to speak. They act in a very large group with a basic hive instinct. all wanting to be sort of hype active the more that are the more there are active the more to create energy to great energy and pass on energy in my opinion. I started on this book project to really come to answer question of whats it all about. Then come up with answers that I am satisfied with. Its expanded to the reality of every thing.

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