Reality of Dimensions in space

The further away you are away from Earth,  Dimensions change from 3 to 2 and 2 very different ones. as there is no surface the judge height then you can not judge width as their is no solid ground to judge it by Length become distance.

So there is no bottom, or, top and he bottom could be top and via versa. You can not see them, how much distance you  an look. The vacuum is endless and you can only judge where you are, by direction and distance. You can however measure objects made of matter, better if you stand on their atom surface. But you can not measure a area of space ,with out using matter, made spheres. No Dimensions can be added,.in a void of nothingness, in the distance between matter made sphere..

Then time can be used to measure far away distance, using the light mirage,  caused by the slowness of visible light. The light you see is at the time it started, it’s journey and that it defiantly a mirage and is not any thing to do with Dimensions. There only two Dimensions in space,

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