In my logic philosophic research I have notice how species on earth mimic the nature of the universe I can easily see that atoms have a form of intelligence. I can also see that the universe is in fact teaming with life . The universe is a live it self my logic research indicates that atoms that can build such an intelligent species as our selves must have a massive universal Wifi type neuron connect intelligence. That our brain mimics may be this is the cause of the mysterious dark matter that’s baffling astrophysics at this moment?

Universal Mimicking

Let start looking at a one mimicking pattern on Earth that suggest the universe does communicate to select members of a species concerning in this case  building.

If I wish to have a house built a house professional, I need to visit an architect. Whom may already have plans of designs of houses  may interest my taste. Or could created a design on a basic idea of what I find appealing.

The architect with the design will also make blueprints for my professional builders to follow when building they will be copies made of each floor walls and the roof suiting the needs of every craftsmen in involved in the project.

With these blueprints the same type and style house can be copied as many times as needed.

What this is mimicking is how living coral species are built structures are built but as the simple live forms evolve the blueprint is changed. Yes we are talking about DNA. every cell has a blueprint the instructions how the cell can be duplicated. The first level blueprint is what our scientist can read now its the master copy. Within that master copy there will be a library of blueprint of every component of the species different cells. Even what seems to look chaotic there is always a logic balance. a logic plan and in this case logic intelligence.How simple or complex the intelligence may be.

My thoughts on this is what ever intelligence build our human brain. Has developed a intelligence within the void, that has been mimicked here on earth,  I think that its logical to say, that the universe has developed its own brains. These building blocks can build anything the collective needs. We as well have one other usefulness and that is being the eyes, ear and sensors. Part of the collective, that has a massive brain  There are tools similar to us. in solar system too many to count, in its infinity expanding like balloon. I feel we are maybe looking, for intelligent life forms  in a rather big haystack.

I suggest there is a balance here where as they will be about 3/4 away as we can see with Hubble. Then looking towards as with a similar telescope. The universe does have some form of balance and would like to have a all around balance  of surveillance of its self.

Interestingly enough Dr Ken Wharton in the USA is trying to understand Quantum entanglement in the brain. He should be looking at how the brain is mimicking what goes on in space.

The universe godlets are like ants or maybe a better example is like termites its a collective intelligence every atom is a godlet. The sheer wonder of its ability of communication and how it created something so special out of its chaotic contents.

One has to look at mimicry of what is up there often can be seen down here.

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