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My book helps to finish his great work and visions. Posted on February 7, 2019Edit “Atoms talking to me – Introduction”

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspirationa”
Nikola Tesla

Yes everywhere you should not go to seek the truth.

 I soon realized that astrophysics had been placed in an old fashion century old groove, of very corrupt science.
In fact three whole centuries of misconception and old fashion out of date thinking. What I was looking at was a Bohemian time capsule. of sloppy teaching of a mixture of truth and outlandish lack of logic thinking. This apparently started at the end of the 18th century and early 19th century. When writers of science fiction such as HG Wells of who wrote “The time machine” Wow the public loved that plus some funny silent movies.
The new boys then were more interested in making money than science itself. Of course publishing in books was a good earner.

Max Planck discovers Einstein the beginning of the QM imaginary  science 

We had Max Planck, of whom invented Quantum Mechanic’s with Albert Einstein of whom Max took under his arm and made him look like the new Boy Genius of the new century.

Mileva Marić-Ajnštajn, was a Serbian mathematician. She was the only woman among Albert Einstein‘s fellow students at Zürich‘s Polytechnic

Albert actually exploited other people theories. His wife was a math’s genius of whom he exploited her talents. He never less had to pay her money when they divorced, to keep her quiet. He was a womanizer though a ugly scruffy little man he could charm his way into a woman’s pants. Plus he was a manipulator and a good conman.  
This by was a time of political philosophy and revolutionary change to a new thought then world of thought and science and the arts of brainwashing. What happened is this new type of Physics, because it was very imaginary became popular and taught in the pillars of scientific thought. The problem is many of the QM theories hold no water. However things are changing as we go in to a new space race. USA v. China. At a  time we need scientific facts, not science fiction.

The thinking universe

The problem is, this whole thing is a paradox, Here I am communication to you, as a communicating part of the universe Where as you are another part of that same entity Rather confusing is it not, to say the least, but that is the reality. We are but unknowing slaves, to X amount of microscopic particles called Atoms.

“CHAPTER ONE. – Atom magic”

Atomist’s are scientific minded people that believe the universe created itself or has always existed and could be a form of higher intelligence. They research for what Astrophysicist have missed out of their blackboard calculi.

The are those that wish to look for positive proof or logical theory why the universe exists and why life started on our planet and elsewhere in the existing universe.

The universe was composed of very small, indivisible and indestructible building blocks known as atoms (from the Greek atomos , meaning uncuttable ).

Atomism is based on philosophic research and logic thought an example finding an answer to what came first a chicken or an egg. With a bit of research we find that some lizards and birds are a Parthenogenesis species so the logical would be the chicken or really a lizard, that was evolving to fly.

Atoms are unique building blocks that need to constantly to build structures called molecules that like to change to other structures. Such as two hydrogen atoms attach one oxygen atom the attachment is caused at room temperature and detached at the mix at water boiling point. Or 4 nitrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom.

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together.

The gases that humans breathe in are nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide, with nitrogen in the largest proportion and carbon dioxide in the smallest proportion. The gases that humans breathe out are the same, although more carbon dioxide and less oxygen is present.

So the first natural law of atoms is to be active and second is to build molecules to keep active. The third is to use or create energy to remain active. The forth is to create gravity to be like small magnets to be attracted to other atoms. The glue that bonds molecules together but allows atoms to separate in temperature changes to leave the molecules.

Atoms can create Hugh amounts of energy because of the nature of atoms that like to change molecule structures the higher the temperature they can create the more active they are the less temperature can cause them to go into a dormant state the higher the atoms density the more prone they are to become dormant.

Scientist have theorized evolution from proof found on this planet we occupy as carbon based bipeds but have yet to really understand why life exists. Its actual very simple but is made complex by the way atoms behave within the universe.

Cooling crust

There is a fifth natural atom law that is implemented when the outer surface (crust) of a very active planet become dormant that is active atoms must build tools to attempt to activate the dormant atoms. So they build molecules to form into simple life forms that of a single cell that make it possible to activate dormant atoms into activity. these cells fist absorb nutrients (atoms) that all them to make copies of the cells by splitting in two and populate the surface, or, the big bodies of H2O (water) that have formed on the dormant surface of the planet.

This of course answers the question, why we are here, it’s simply answered with to create new hosts for the universes building blocks, to activate the dormant atoms in the crust.

Atoms then created by mutation, even more complex carbon based life forms. The new life forms created had their pattern set at the birth of the universe. These life forms had to exist and survive it has been a natural program since day one. The new life forms had the ability to create more of their own kind and to adapt into more efficient species ever since its been a race to the top of the ladder to create an ultimate species of nutrient gatherer’s.

We human’s, are the total product at this stage of time. The perfect host for our building blocks. We as intelligent beings are only important to the atoms. That are forever seeking other useful atoms to blend with to build and repair and help the carbon entity the host, exist so it can forage for more atoms to activate them. Prior built hosts had been stationary and could only seek required atoms locally and seeding new hosts to feed elsewhere, were geared to nature, wind water or roots etc. Of course these methods improved with the very mobile host of who is also a method of seeding.

Oh your soul? That’s imaginary as with super beings and a heaven after death. However your atoms will be around possibly for billions of year more, yep that’s the afterlife. You are just a walking moving corals of atoms with a brain.

The question why the big bang happened is simply answered with what energy could be created in a void and by what? The fact that the void has no temperature does not mean its not very, very, cold as you may know temperature of matter starts at -273 C’ (Kelvin 1). space is actually a constant Kelvin 0 as far as we can tell. The void has a natural law we call natural progression of which is a constant too. It had to expand and pull matter into being and energy into existence. Something has to exist and that’s the nature of the universe.

Currently, scientists know of 118 different elements these are the known building blocks of the universe. Those 118 plus elements.

The scribe that wrote that God made man in gods image in the Jewish holy scripts, is ironically nearly right as everything in the universe, is based on a pattern mimic. You will find many thing on our planet, are based on mimic built from atoms (godlets) .

The small building blocks make their own cement or glue of which is of course magnetic force.

What came first the atom or energy

Well energy needs atoms to exists as they have to create energy to exist. then all those particles you hear Quantum mechanics. have to be present to create that energy a atom has to obtain them or will change in to a dead neutron. It however can be part of a circulate of other atoms of flowing electrons if its element is conductive.

Atoms nature is first to create molecules with other different other element atoms this being the first building ability. Those that know something, about chemistry. That there are many chemicals, that should not be mixed together. As with gasses as they can cause explosions, or, be ignited by a spark. Hot-gasses are at the center of most galaxies. So it’s logical that there was one hell of an explosion that forced all the atom in to a 360 degree radiating event for ever out ward in to the open void, we call space. Of course that simply explains, the expansion and why galaxies are getting further away from each other. There is nothing complicated about it, It’s all logical and needs no imaginary explanations.

Atoms are alive they pulsate as well as their particles spin and orbit each alternately working together in unison to make no space

FactsIn fact scientist need to learn to think like a atomist philosopher, that means understanding of the principles of why and how atoms behave, as they do.

First taking a look how the atoms in the nearest star of which just happens to be Sol our Sun. Not just it content The tabular chart that arranges atoms by Atomic number our trusty old periodic table. But what the atoms are actually doing, Of which is a really chaotic changing molecules structures. Seeming something they like to do, Or designed to do, or, it may be better to say they have to do so, as its their nature.

Sol in its formation as a star, has spun off large and small solar flares as like a roman candle. That have formed our planetary system, due to spin and gravity, it has retained many that rotate and orbit around their mother (so to speak). These planets have done exactly the same, to form their moons, that obit around them. The planets spin as you well know and generate their own gravity.

Only the nearest planets have retain chaotic very active structure changes of molecule. As the are kept active by the energy rays from the sun. The farther away planets surfaces have cooled down, Then farther away they are, the outer surfaces have formed a crusts. Even before you go past Mars, planets have completely solidified and the atoms, have become in a dormant state. But they are still very much a live, just not active.

The Crusting of a planets surface is the point, where atoms carry on their natural way of the need to be active. In changing their natural way of changing molecules, To do so they must group molecules, in to living corals. At first using liquefied and gas elements, such as air and water of which in my opinion is the possibly. The most successful way for evolving into,simple living corrals of atoms. Because its in the benefit of other atoms to have a drifting, or, nutrient gathering coral of atoms as a tool to activate dormant atoms. Water itself gathers, a mix of minerals from river beds. Flowing down from mountain and seeping through the planets crust.

The suns kinetic frequency energy causes water to turn in to gas that rises and become vapor clouds that will float in the air the pour down rain why cooling down oxygen mixed with cooled down hydrogen to form water (H2O). A perfect recycling system the constantly changes activates molecules structure. But limited to a small number of elements. that erodes the earths crust making rivers of water that carry nutrient needed by plant life and living things on land and finally the seas.

Some reader may see that my finding, could change many sciences that will benefit the human species. Even give many answers to how the universe, actually works. Helping astrophysicist in their thirst of knowledge, of what is out there and improve their theories.

There are five natural rules concerning the nature of atoms

  1. be active
  2. Build molecules.
  3. To use or create and spread EnergY.
  4. To create magnetism
  5. To build species as tool to activate dormant atoms.

They are so important and we need to know the truth about them to really understand how the universe works.

We can only approximately size a 93 billion light years (diameter), of the universe, we live in. We can only explain it, as being infinite. It’s matter composition is an infinite amount of atoms. Differing compositions of protons, neutrons and electrons. That we can classify as elements, that make up its modular structures.

Looking at the composition of our planet these atoms are fantastically amazing especially those that have supported and have over a long span of time mixed and weaved themselves to form life made from their combined elements. Combination’s of atoms have created flora that used the substance of elements to grow and thrive.

Later, within the ageing universe and the solid, gaseous and liquid-based ball we call earth. Differing new flora evolving, some that could seed, or, split and populate the oceans. Then later the land that had thrust itself high, by the expanding liquid hot gaseous centre and mantel of the spinning ball of atoms. A revolving planet of the star called Sol. The flora seeds evolved into living fauna, that had much more freedom to seek elements for substance much easier. Then these new species started eating the older establish ones. That’s the point when the survival of the fittest kicked in that eventually led to creatures with brains and expanding levels of intelligence.

Most people now have at least a rudimentary knowledge of Darwin’s theories and also know that those theories have been given proof now we understand DNA more proof is provided that evolution is indeed a fact.

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together.

One point is that something that is and has been overlooked is that atoms are alive and they are alive with energy, many atoms are dormant but hardly ever die, they can all spark with energy. The universe is alive with atoms and could not exist without them.


Science was very backward, in the 20th century where theorist thought that particles actually left atoms to wander freely.

When in reality particles inside an atom do not even leave atoms to go anywhere or the atom would collapse to be just a neutron. They send out wave frequency vibrations that excite other atoms. Electrons and protons have to be instant be replaced in an electric circuit or atoms would end up dying and just be neutrons. Atoms need every particle to function as they do.

Because you can not see atoms in gasses such as those that we turn as air you’re fooled in to think that atom particles, can travel around like there is nothing there. You are not aware how busy atoms are in passing on energy.

How electrons travel

The reality electrons flow through chains of conductive atoms and halted by non conductive atoms. They are limited to the voltage supply on how far they travel. Even if there is a conductivity passage to an earth, or, to a negative path. Same as in a manmade circuit through conductive element made wire.

There is no conductive path to the vacuum of space. where energy can only travel as a kinetic produced frequency wave as vibrations of the frequency cannot be passed on as there is nothing to pass anything to. It, however can travel as far, as it can, the speed of light. As far as it can, before the wave fades. its geared to voltage (volume) of its source.

Its actually a simple natural universal law to understand

In this century frequency, vibration wave theories are being under attack because QM itself has become very questionable as being science fiction due to a lack of logical thinking. Much of the problem is thinking there is a subatomic level of building blocks. that one can pull atoms apart with electronic magic tweezers. As the greeks rightly said atoms can not be cut up. (The universe was composed of very small, indivisible and indestructible building blocks known as atoms (from the Greek atomos , meaning uncuttable)

What is matter?

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together. Her we see
Two Frames of a Hydro atom using a modern virtual digital micro scope imaging at nn focal. The frames are actually draw and painted on frames and allotted a wave band frequency this one is a hydrogen atom. showing how the atom actual works. Its very clever technology.
Atoms are alive they pulsate as well as their
particles spin and orbit each alternately working together in unison to make no space for space so matter pulsates as one mass.

Matter is a community of live atoms of many elements Earth has 118 plus known elements. Though you can not see atoms with the naked eye they are all sending out a frequency that is specific to each element type of atoms.

Atoms have two know functions of push and pull. Their frequency pushes and their created magnetism pulls This keeps the community together (pull) and pushes space out (push). Atoms expand by approximately, 1/3 of their actual size and deflate back just like a pump. they as a community to overlap each other’s space so vacuum of space can enter the mass of the total community. It means also that little can leak out, into the vacuum of space.

What is mass?

It seem there is great misconception about what mass is.

  1. Well, its made of atom elements and its NOT energy!
  2. A particle of an Atom can not gain mass or lose Mass.
  3. Energy can not change into mass.  Even photosynthesis does not change energy into mass it helps to create cells out of atoms elements that are all ready present in matter and the total mass of earth.
  4. Mass can collectively create energy, but needs vibrating frequency waves to  make create it and certain conductive molecules  can store energy.
  5. Electrons need a conductive circuit path to travel (like pass the parcel) though atmosphere.
  6. An atom particle can not add mass as they are not the full working atom anyway.
  7. Atoms however have the ability to add atomic weight and density  or lose it if change into another element. Such if hydrogen being striped of its electrons by atomic fusion changes to helium of which is classified as atomic weight 2 in the element chart and Hydrogen is atomic weight 1

Calculating the Number of Atoms in a Cell

What an amazing feat of engineering that could only be created by an amazing form of inteligence

According to an estimate made by engineers at Washington University, there are around 1014 atoms in a typical human cell.

Another way of looking at it is that this is 100,000,000,000,000 or 100 trillion atoms. Interestingly, the number of cells in the human body is estimated to be about the same as the number of atoms in a human cell. Now just imagine how many there are in the universe?

Do plant add to Mass and matter?Energy and photosynthesis?

There seems to be misconception that has a simple answer:

photosynthesis,  actually stimulates energy CELL growth and does not create atoms

The stimulation uses atoms from the atmosphere, water and crust of the planet its a case of shifting matter (mass) and create energy that can be eaten by the species of our planet. 

Mass stays the same its always however, changing it average atomic weight

The Intelligence factor of Atoms

There has to be a form of natural intelligence in atoms I would logical be looking at the centre of the atom to find that within the Protons and neutrons. My suspicions are the quarks can form a collective atom based thought cell.

Is the universe talking to us?

We are of course are walking corrals of atoms, the atoms run our life. our brains are made of atoms. We are part of the universe of which has shape us as a species. That has a job to activate dormant and we do a very good job in doing so.

Tnankfully Lin Tianzhuan the Human Coral Reef Man has been Cured

As atoms are used in our thought process of designing tools and machinery, that also change molecules structure. Could this be because the universe is communication and controlling our thoughts.

To carry out the main protocol of the universes atoms, need in being recycled more efficiently. To keep the universe more active when atoms become dormant. Our job is to make the activating system more efficient. That why we are here.

Maybe I am tasked to let you know the what our task is and the universe don’t want us to destroy ourselves as we are doing a good job. It learns as we learn about why it exists? Please don’t change the status quo as the universe has to start all over again in this solar system?

The universe is thinking and learning with us. Can you just imagine its thoughts how ever basic or complex it is though millions of eyes? My mind well my very input boggles just looking at the picture input of Hubble pure beauty of it all in this small part of the universe.

Amazing grace

Yes, I do think the universe is intelligent and the atoms have made it so.

In my logic philosophic research, I have noticed how species on earth mimic the nature of the universe. One can easily see that atoms have a form of intelligence. It’s also easy to see, that the universe is in fact teaming with life . The universe is very much alive. My logic research indicates that atoms. that can build such, an intelligent species as our selves. Must have a massive universal Wifi, type neuron connect intelligence. That our brain mimics may be this is the cause of the mysterious dark matter that’s baffling astrophysics at this moment?

I have a hunch that we and the universe are both in a learning curve concerning why it exists and its own beauty.

It, however, does not have morals, or, a conscious as that would block it’s main goals. Keeping it self active at any cost, it needs to control its many species it can, to activate as many atoms as they can. It does not not worry about the casualties, of its efforts, as they are recycled anyway.

The only point of natural concern would be if it has designed. A species that is become better than any others, before in inventiveness. It Worlds not like them to blow themselves up. As it needs their eyes and minds to find out more about itself.

It could want them to know its been manipulating the species life to get them to improve the activate dominant atom system. Maybe even to create artificial intelligence androids and send them out to far away planets like Gods to inspire other species into being just like our species.

It could be our science fiction writers, gave the universe such a goal or goals?

Who is in control of you? That is very hard to say as your brain was built by atoms and made of atoms. You are a useful tool in the atom recycling system.

You are as they are selfish to certain levels, greedy unless you’r not programmed to be. You will follow along like a sheep and can and in many cases do obey any belief that your atoms in your brain need you to do.

So it’s the atoms that are so to speak sublimely controlling you. Just think about if your atoms let you?

The God Factor?

The Universe is very bad at being a God because it has is own selfish agenda and that’s is to keep the godlets very active and learn about itself and try to find why it exists.

It has an infinite number of godlets (atoms) and x amount of species as its. audio, visual and sensual part of its being. It has a very ever-expanding network biological computer network. We are talking about a Spinoza’s God that Albert Einstein believed the Universe to be. This fits into a pantheist belief that God is everywhere. Then close to the Native American belief of spirit gods and I am sure many other religions have come close as well. which could give proof that the universe does communicate to intelligent species.  But we have not been intelligent enough to understand?

Why are Humans the best species evolved on this planet by atoms?

Well, the more intelligent a species is the better it gets at gathering and recycling atoms and helpful in making the conditions right for atoms to change their atomic structures.

You even dig and drill into the crust and abstract water, minerals and oil you feed the plants and travel very far. You built and destroy, you make machines that enliven the way atoms like. You daily feed the small and even the ones you can not see.

You plant seeds nurture plants and look after other species even feed. them.

Even when you murder and destroy or shed dry skin you are an amazing gatherer and recycling species. The best on the planet. You even mate and make copies of your selves. You can bet the atoms in your brain are affecting the way you think. Even made your ancestors create religions and politics. Wanted you to be easily brainwashed and control.

To be greedy in having personal, pleasure and to be an active gatherer of nutrients the number one dormant atom activator on planet Earth. Posted on

CHAPTER THREE – Energy and Frequency

The logic truth about light. Is its source is nature is from stars like our solar systems Sun. It starts off by very hot atom plasma waves pushing out from the centre of a star at set frequencies at the very edge of the atom mass its transferred into waves kinetic energy. that have nothing to do with an electromagnetic force nor any particles flung into a vacuum of space. Particles CAN NOT beat massive pull of gravity.

Only frequency vibration shock waves can travel in a cold vacuum of space with our sun it pushes these frequency waves out at 186,282 miles per second in constant multi streams of differing frequencies the vacuum never hinders the speed as there is nothing to slow down the passage of kinetic energy.

Light bulb Earth.
A view of a super hurricane from space
You can see that there are no beams of light outside Earth atmosphere it gives proof to there is no particles travelling with waves in space.
Tesla copied the principles of how vibration frequency waves light up Earths Atmosphere the energy is created inside the bulb.

The vacuum of space stays at minus 273.15 C’ as the warmth of the sun can not warm the vacuum and no energy can exist in the vacuum what so ever. Only kinetic vibration frequencies can travel through the vacuum at the push ratio of 186,282 miles per second,

Interesting differing stars like our sun may push out light at differing speeds some faster and some slower. Then our perception of the speed of light being based on our Suns push could be wrong. That would mess up our method of judging distance in space. We assume we got that right?

The fact we can not see beams of light streaming from the Sun 91-93 billion miles of space vacuum proves me to be factually logically right.

But your note in local space photos not artist impression or atmosphere facing the sun lights up like a light bulb that does not light up localized space that much.

What is the reason?

Well those kinetic vibration frequency waves when they enter our atmosphere transfer kinetic frequency energy over to atoms and thus the waves look like they have arrived as particles.of energy.

The fact is Earth’s energy is home grown due to its natural structure. one could call it a freak of nature but for the fact, its mimicked through out our galaxy and seemingly throughout the part of the universe, we can see, its gotto be a natural law.

Over the last century this fact has been hidden by super powers for two reasons. The first being around the 1920s with the growth of the auto industry and the oil boom. governments did not want the public to know about free sources of energy. The second being that it was realized in the atomic weapon age that knowing the facts about frequency waves in the following space age was more dangerous than having atomic bombs. Tesla scared the hell out of USA.

Now the truth is getting too well known and corporation’s want reap the benefits of the facts about wave vibration frequencies. USA has started wanting to control space with its new space force project.

Much of what people have been taught about physics is not true and the truth is now seeping through.

USA is worried about satellites that are being launched into local space. As they can be more dangerous than atomic missiles. Death rays are to easy to create

Posted on February 8, 2019Edit “CHAPTER FOUR – What is the universe expanding into?”

CHAPTER FOUR – What is the universe expanding into?

Illustration of a planet or star explosion.

Well its a vacuum with clumps of atoms, that you refer as mass. They have been pushed ever outwards, By what can only be at a centre point, of the original vacuum. Having no resistance in this nothingness, they are expanding outward and creating distance.

At this moment Hugh distances have been created with absolutely nothing in between. Only large clusters of … together by atom made gravity. Yes we are talking galaxies are affected by the split the initial 360 degrees explosion caused split up the original big bang.

There have of course been other explosions we call Super Nova. That have confused the feeble minded,  as they have caused collisions. Then we have solar orbiting is just only naturally perfect but have natural time limits and within those limits planets and moons distant themselves gradually.

I hope this has more than answer you’re questions? As I am trying to make understanding the universe simple.

Thoughts that there was no Big bang is simply very stupid, as without one we would not exist and it’s as simple as that.

How to judge the universe is not expanding as fast or faster than light.

Atom matter Communities (stars) observed in the universe, by the human eye would have blur tails and the night sky.  Having so many stars would white out our sky at night.

With the effects of the abnormal amount of star blurriness’s, would make viewing space by telescope, inside our atmosphere pointless.  But the night’s sky would be illuminated, by the extra activity. Of atoms in the top layers at the top of our atmosphere. So whatever theorist state about the expanding universe travelling faster than light, is absolute nonsense.

Understanding Gravity

Gravity is produced by spin and orbit but actually starts at the atom level.

As you may know there are 118 plus element’s some are conductive and others are not.  That is the factor that makes the difference between a conductive element such as iron that is a pure magnetic metal and silicon that is not. Iron is a super conductor that can be made into a magnet by electron flow.

Imagine trillions of trillion of these working in unity closely massed together.

Gravity, however, is made weak by non-conductive elements in its atom mix though the mass is still a magnet but a very weak one.  The Earth mix as it cooled after it was launched from the sun in a massive solar flare in a 90 plus billion-mile orbit. It becomes a perfect generator to make gravity the centre fusion of its orbit and spin. Made heavy elements sink to its centre the most lighter elements gases floated to the surface that created a climate that cooled down the crust as the heavy metal opposite spin cooled down the centre.  Atoms in mass create magnetism (pull) to keep atoms together in a sphere they also pulsate and send out frequency waves (push) to push out space they expand twice their atomic size. and overlap and work in unionism to keep any vacuum out. Its they that make the gravity within the mixed element that makes the mass.

Universe Gyroscopic Dynamics


Electrons have spin and a balanced orbit they are part of the real building blocks of the universe, the atoms. One atom broadcasts a frequency that can vibrate other atoms and create energy. Its electrons spin are said to be faster than light. The atom is a centralized balanced gyroscope. The atom is the most important working part of universe it builds, always carries energy, it has the ability to create an electric circuit with other atoms etc. I fondly call it a godlet. It has the ability to join other differing atom elements and create molecules that being its first build skill so to speak.

2. Solar systems

Solar Gyroscopic dynamics Planet spin and orbit and why Earth does not crash in the sun. Both the sun have gravity caused by spin the Sun’s gravity is 274 m/s². The Earths gravity 9,087 m/s². Both have an attracting pull force. what keeps them away from Earth’s orbit( and speed (67,000 mph.) its a perfect Gyroscopic balance. The same applies to the moon of which gravity is 1.62 m/s² and speed is 2,288 mph This means the orbiter pulls on densities up to or about 997 kg/m³ (water) when its orbit is closer to earth. This means a similar effect on the Sun when our orbit is close. As always the way things work logically simple. I am going to call this Solar Gyroscopic dynamics. This logic theory. will I am sure be widened. It may answer a few other questions on our planets effects on the Sun. The truth about all Wave Frequencies Bands The Space Pond – Sol our Sun atoms are hyper active due molecular chemical atomic reaction in the image below I have changed all that energy as if it was a pond floating in space.

You may note this fact can be tested by sending sound waves in a cold vacuum tube no sounds will be heard then the wave will travel at the speed of light. Space is actually a very quiet place. All Earths energy is made on this planet of ours by vibration

3. Gravity Is the cause of mass, spin and orbit that creates the energy. Plus the multi-molecule structure of both the orbiter and the centrale mass being orbited. Earth is a planet that is a build of the numerous number of differing atom elements all with centred gyroscopic dynamics. The atoms have built by natural chaos many differing molecules of differing insular and conducive qualities basically its a chemical mix. The orbiter creates centrifugal force by speed of orbit the spin and the gyroscopic dymamics

The further away you are away from Earth,  Dimensions change from 3 to 2 and 2 very different ones. as there is no surface the judge height then you can not judge width as their is no solid ground to judge it by Length become distance.

So there is no bottom, or, top and the bottom could be top and via versa. You can not see them, how much distance you look. The vacuum is endless and you can only judge where you are, by direction and distance. You can, however, measure objects made of matter, better if you stand on their atom surface. But you can not measure an area of space, without using matter, made spheres. No Dimensions can be added in a void of nothingness, in the distance between matter made sphere.

Then time can be used to measure far away distance, using the light mirage,  caused by the slowness of visible light. The light you see is at the time it started, it’s journey and that it defiantly a mirage and is not any thing to do with Dimensions. There only two Dimensions in space

CHAPTER FIVE – The Creation

How was the Universe created

The question of why or how the Universe was created is simply answered with what energy could be created in a void and by what? The fact that the void has no temperature does not mean its not very very cold as you may know the temperature of matter starts at -273.15 C’ (Kelvin 0).   So space is actually a constant Kelvin 0.  The void has a natural law we call natural progression of which is a constant too. It had to expand and pull matter and energy into existence. I suggest that it was a billion years or so, the cold fusion event of a binary nature. A pair of negative charged unstable yellow superstars. 

The Dark Age

The dark Age a period suggested after the fission event termed the big bang which I would suggest was a massive supernova of a binary a pair of unstable supergiants.

The Dark Age was the time that the universe showed the starting pattern of how matter and antimatter had formed a sort of balance in a new universe with super black holes  (quasars) looking like they at eating matter but in truth, they are attracting matter into a so to spear central kill zone. The so called, collapsed stars shrunk dense centre point dark sphere. that sprays out radiation. the central spin causes an incredible strong MAGNETIC negative (south pole) attracting field as the atoms are a negative charged. So this is nothing to do with the weaker force called gravity. Such black holes took much shorter time length to form and such Hugh stars burned Hydrogen fuel much faster in the dark age.

A new perception on Super Novas

We so far have related to Black Holes as being the product of a large star that runs out of hydrogen to generate nuclear power then explodes into a supernova.

I have discovered a new perception concerning the event.  Well, actually events by looking at Hubble photos of Super Novas.

1. The Initial explosion of a Super Nova

 Eta Carinae
Eta Carinae Supernova Hubble

The corona a red cloud spun of and the surface of the star pink explosions seeming exploded at two explosive events of the stars spin with some of the central magma.

The Spinning super nova explosion

Super Nova’s explode as they expand outward the from centre of the stars, atoms change to a minus charge as they have run out of hydrogen to burn so suddenly.

Eta Carinae :: 20 Jun 07

The Gravity changes, to pure magnetic attraction.  Thus stopping the outward motion of the Super Nova, Those central atoms become anti-matter and all matter is pulled inwards. To its final extinction.the remanence of the stars, spin rotates much faster. The dark centre is produced by antimatter and matter cancelling each other out. Thus the radiation Jets from the heart of the black hole form.

Radiation footprint seen in antimatters experiments at CERN when antimatter meets matter just before both simply disappear.

Concerning the Neutron star theory of formation it could be the stars much bigger go Supernova cause an event like the Big Bang?

When our solar system was young

Most of our solar system planets were born from the sun as giant solar flares mass of energy that did not return to the suns surface but spun into and orbit the spin and speed geared to the mass and the mass and gravity it was a random perfect accident so to speak earth could have shot off into space as an asteroid (some of our visitors were born that way) Our earth having spun its heavy metal molecules in to its centre may have helped in placing it into a perfect gyroscopic balanced orbit of the sun. Both have gravity pull caused by spin but the speed of earth spin which is 1000 mph approximately and its orbit 66000 Mph of sets the suns gravity and earth put and keeps the earth in a

gyroscopic balanced orbit. The moon may of been a visitor or born of earth or sun and again a lucky random choice put in a perfect gyroscopic balanced orbit around earth.

In fact, we put our satellites using the same principles but we get it wrong as their orbit brings them down after a period of time. If my idea is correct it could mean we could work out the best the to put our satellites in. But maybe not as the correct speed and spin may impede what they are being used for.

Evolution of our species

Crawling out of the sea and rivers

Is this an ancestor of humankind? Did our species crawl and climb out of the oceans and rivers all over the Planet earth? That we did not come out of Africa? Say hello to what, maybe the missing link in our evolution?

Paleontologist and scientist that study evolution, in my opinion, have to a lot to learn and are set on one path of thinking of which is partly due to the corruption of science.

I believe that our species ancestor crawled out of the sea and rivers and evolution changes where similar changed to suit environment and to create a very intelligent tool to activate and release dormant atoms to make them active. We are the best tool on our planet we are part of.

That once again scientific good guesses are bad assumptions?

Planet ShrinkT

Earth has shrunk since the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago, the gravity pull may have been 2 or 3 times stronger than now. The air was thinner,  that changed gradually as the effects of the gradual shrinking made the planet increase its spin and as the earth shrunk the atmosphere volume of gasses of course volume count raised accordingly.  

The Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, which occurred approximately 66 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period, caused the extinction of all dinosaur groups except for the neornithine birds.  It would be logical to think that the gradual shrinking of the earth had a lot to play in the extinction Dinosaur extinction. Their weight was why they died from heart related problems and over weight problems and become extinct.

The shrinking was three folded, volcanoes spewing Hugh molten matter out into space. Due to the pressure caused by a prolonged thickening of the earth crust and the solidifying of the metallic core at the centre of the earth. The weather changed as the earth spin sped up gradually to suit the shrinking mass.  The Ice age being part of the Earth’s adjustment.  plus many other natural events.    

This logic theory is based on the Hugh size of species, in the Triassic period there had to be a good reason, for their size and mass.  Logically thinking it was a much strong gravitational pull and the need for very strong muscle heavy bone exoskeleton. The bones however wherein the legs were cleverly constructed to be light but very strong as they had bubbles of air within the structure of the bones.

The very slow death of a Universe

Everything as a beginning and end with a set limitation within this universe we are lucky to be part of. There is a load of recycling going but eventual the atoms and antimatter must meet and cancel themselves out. The birth is very similar in a way the conditions are much the same. Let me explain it’s a lot to do with temperature and energy plus of course natural Progression (a constant timeline). First, you start of with a completely empty void with no energy whatsoever its an affinity of nothingness. I refer to as virgin space. It does have a centre point the temperature is extremely cold and constantly dropping as natural progression plot on at its set constant speed of 1037.5 MPH. Earth measurement of distance and time. No, the measurement did not exist then but Natural progression certainly did. When the temperature goes below -273.15 C’ as energy does not exist Cold Fusion starts a very slow implosion of negative energy that has a stress point I name this Fusion AstroFusion.The Stress point I call AstroFission it the even that negative energy ruptures into positive energy and mass to contain it matter and antimatter. out of nothing. The temperature being the opposite of the AstroFusion temperature. Of what I believe logically to be in the region of 90 trillion Centigrade. Whereas the Fusion stress point could be about 100 billion kelvin at a good logical guess.

How did I work that out well the fact a Black Hole, has to be created after a Super Nova explodes at the temperature of 100 billion Kelvin. Any lower a  Neutron Star is created,  black holes drag matter and matter together and that cancels both out. Of course, when they do vibration frequency radiation records the event is then released outward as a light wave. 

Black holes are stated as being stellar, supermassive, and miniature but I believe there is only one type of black hole. What we are actuall seeing, are different stages of its life and near death. They lose mass due to matter and antimatter meeting and disappearing into nothingness.
Yes! Stephen Hawkin’s nearly got it right. Black holes can and in the end do shrink very slowly as part of the universe dies.

This Theory has been given proof by experiments at CERN with antimatter.


CHAPTER SIX – Time and light

What is Time?

Natural progression. (real science)

Natural progression is the foundation stone so to speak of the possibility of anything could exist.  Without it nothing would exist It is synchronized pivot of the universe. Its totally instantaneous. The fastest constant in the universe.   Time is a man made  invented measurement It has no relationship to space.   What you see in the night sky is visible light mirages caused by the slow speed of visible light in a vacuum which is 186,000 miles per second. Visible Light does not curve or bend as it carries no energy magnetic nor energy particles  so only radiates out in straight lines. Waves carry on each wavelet the whole frequency band not just light and radiate on wave  seemingly mimicking the effects of waves on water. The carried vibration frequencies when reaching can only be transferred to atoms electrons when they reach earths beginning top layer of earths atmosphere. So the fastest thing in the universe is instantaneous natural progression.

How to work out the speed of natural progression the first law of our universe.

Diameter of earth is 24,901 miles It takes 23:56 hours to do one spin. The speed per hour is 1000 Miles So natural progression travels at 1000 mph approximately . This could actually be the real speed the universe is traveling away from the center of the void. Whereas the original matter and antimatter was clouds of very hot gas that exploded from the big bang that a spiraled out at the speed of natural progression like a sudden explosion in the center of the void. It was just like smoke as it spiral away forming galaxies

The Light gets bent by gravity myth unraveled

A glorious partial solar eclipse was seen above China early on Sunday, marking the first in a number of various types of eclipse to be experienced across the world in 2019.

I note that we can not see any halo effects on the edge of the inner edge of the bite one would surely expect being the results of the curved effect caused by said gravitation? Strange I don’t know what to make of it.

So I looked for similar events its best to, to formulate an idea what is going on.

This clear picture is well known on the internet it was taken I believe in 2016. Its a fabulous photo shows the bite as being very sharp and gives clear proof there is no sign of a gravity curve effect of light so what is going on?

Could it be the whole theory of visible light being affected by gravitational pull.

Just look at those sharp clear bites.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You could observe these photos all day long that show many filters and there is no sign

What is Light really and its characteristics

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla”

Radiation from the Sun, which is more popularly known as sunlight, is a mixture of electromagnetic waves ranging from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet rays (UV).

The full electromagnetic spectrum radiating from our Sun
is included visible light, which is in between IR and UV in the electromagnetic spectrum The full wavelength that radiates out of our Sun. we judge its speed by the central part of a wave that does not carry or makes any energy by its frequency.

Visible light
That can travel across open space at 186,000 mi/s for approximately 13.5 Billion Miles it distance limitation. All wave frequencies have limitation on distances such as infrared 300 MHz (100 cm) and 300 GHz can only travel a mile or so.

Infrared travels at the speed that of visible speed of light But I don’t travel very far once it with an atmosphere, as when we produce its wave frequency we know it only radiates for a mile or so.

I tend to think that ultraviolet frequency travels possibly 1/3 slower than visible light in our atmosphere due to its higher vibrations of which transfers its recordings to make energy equal to the suns ultraviolet energy events. It loses its energy making power at zero C’

I do not think X-Rays from the sun do not travel that far in space and do not reach the earth surface because or Earths Atmosphere the lose all their energy.

Plants need specific colors out of the spectrum red and blue to start Photosynthesis.

Red ~ 700–635 nm ~ 430–480 THz
Blue~ 490–450 nm~ 610–670 THz

Infrared (IR) light is light with lower frequency (higher wavelength) than visible light. IR light has frequencies ranging from 3*1011 to 4*1014 Hz (300 GHz to 400 THz) and wavelengths from 7.5*10-7 m to 10-3 m (750 nm to 1 mm). Infrared light is emitted from all objects at or near room temperature in the form of blackbody radiation. This provided the heat.
Many of these wave frequencies we create for useful things, such as microwave ovens, x-rays in hospitals etc. We do know their dangers and limitation like we know a torch cannot be used to boil a kettle.
I seriously believe that Photons are imaginary but wave frequencies are not that the faster-vibrating frequencies are not in sync with the slow vibrating frequencies arriving to the earths surface much faster.

Gamma Rays I believe are the slowest wave the leaves the Sun at 184,960 miles per second but can only up several hundred meters though air.
About 120 Billion miles from our Sun in our solar system they lose volume and start to decay.

Only Radio and Visible Light can travel beyond 120 billion miles away from Sun at a constant 186,282 miles per second in cold space -273 C’ to at distant of approximately 3.5 billion light years. Every thing has a limit. I also think the distance of travel weakens wave volume just like sound waves.

The Radio Wave band is a very interesting frequency band as it can piggyback other wave bands such as sound waves that Tesla had not thought about he was more channeled to waves that could record and transfer high powered energy


This theory is based on experiments of Cannabis growers legally and illegally around this planet. Hospital X-Ray Units world wide and observations proven time after time.

The human eye

Light rays enter the eye through the cornea, the clear front “window” of the eye. The cornea’s refractive power bends the light rays in such a way that they pass freely through the pupil the opening in the center of the iris through which light enters the eye.

The iris works like a shutter in a camera. It has the ability to enlarge and shrink, depending on how much light is entering the eye.

After passing through the iris, the light rays pass thru the eye’s natural crystalline lens. This clear, flexible structure works like the lens in a camera, shortening and lengthening its width in order to focus light rays properly.

Light rays pass through a dense, transparent gel-like substance, called the vitreous that fills the globe of the eyeball and helps the eye hold its spherical shape.

In a normal eye, the light rays come to a sharp focusing point on the retina. The retina functions much like the film in a camera. It is responsible for capturing all of the light rays, processing them into light impulses through millions of tiny nerve endings, then sending these light impulses through over a million nerve fibers to the optic nerve.

Did you see anything about Photons?

Photons seem to be only used in Physics and called particles of which is what the are really not. It’s just a mythical description of visible light.

The Photon Myth Verses common sense.

History of light.

5th-3rd B.C.

“The essence of light is white light.
Colors are made up of a mixture
of lightness and darkness.”

Era of Ancient Greece (Aristotle)

The foundation for modern optics field was laid in ancient Greece in research carried out approximately 5th B.C. to 3rd B.C. The three great philosophers of ancient Greece or namely Socrates (469-399 B.C.), Plato (427-347 B.C.), and Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) established the foundations of the disciplines of astronomy, biology, mathematics, politics, and philosophy, etc.
Then Euclid (330-275 B.C.) summarized fundamental knowledge of optics, such as reflection, diffusion and vision, into a book called “Optics”.

These concepts on light established in the age of Ancient Greece rendered a large effect up until the appearance of Newton in the late 17th century.



10th-11th centuries

“Why does the moon appear larger near
the horizon than it does
when higher up in the sky ?”

Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen) 965-1040 (Mathematician, astronomer, physicist, doctor and philosopher from the Islamic world)

Born in the city of Basra in Iraq, Ibn al-Haytham was an active scholar in Basra and Cairo (Egypt). He made an intensive study of Grecian academics and left numerous writings to later generations. In the field of optics also, he left major historic works including the “Book of Optics” that covers experiments and observation on light reflection and refraction through the use of lenses and mirrors. He also authored treatises on reflection from concave mirrors, refraction from glass spheres, visual perception, light from the moon and stars, and the structure of space. His usage of precise theory through the application of mathematical methods and the experimental method served as the driving force for modern science.

Ibn al-Haitham

Ibn al-Haitham

17th-18th centuries

“Light is comprised of colored particles.”

Sir Isaac Newton 1643-1727(English physicist, mathematician, and astronomer.)

Newton is credited with three major discoveries one of which was carrying out “Optical research into the spectral decomposition of light.” (The others are “universal gravitation” and “infinitesimal calculus.”) He greatly contributed to the development of the science of optics by collecting technology on lenses, prisms, mirrors, telescopes, microscopes and optical (mirror/lens) polishing. In 1668, he fabricated a reflecting telescope having no chromatic aberrations. In a paper presented in 1672, he announced his “New Theory on Light and Color” in which he proclaimed that “light is a mixture of various colors having different refractivity” rather than “the pure white (sunlight)”proposed by Aristotle, and demonstrated his theory in the famous prism experiment. In 1704, he authored the book “Opticks” where he reveals his “Light Particle Theory.”

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

“Light is a wave.”

Christiaan Huygens, 1629-1695(Dutch mathematician, physicist, and astronomer)

Christiaan Huygens was born in Hague in the Netherlands. His father was a diplomat and politician.
As an astronomer, he discovered Saturn’s satellite Titan, the Saturn’s ring, and the Great Nebula of Orion with a self-fabricated telescope of magnification of 50x. In 1690, he published a paper on light advocating his theory that light is a wave or wavefront. He utilized this theory of light as a wave to explain light reflection and refraction phenomenon. After repeated stormy debates opposing Newton’s light particle theory, Huygens’ theory that light is a wave became the mainstream scientific concept.

Christiaan Huygens

Christiaan Huygens

18th-19th centuries

“Proof of the wave theory of light”

Thomas Young, 1773-1829(English physicist, classical scholar, and archeologist)

The accomplishments of Young extend to many fields including deciphering text from ancient Egypt, the theory on blood circulation, proposing the second pendulum, introducing Young’s modulus into elasticity, and a multitude of others. In a shift of research from vision (trichromatic color vision and eye adjustment mechanism) to optics, in 1807 he showed that when light coming from a point light source is shined onto two pinholes, interference fringes can be observed on a screen an appropriate distance away (Young’s Experiment) and advocated his theory that light behaves like a wave. In the field of elastic body mechanics, his name still remains as the fundamental constant Young’s Modulus, amongst other achievements he was first to use the term energy and introduced that concept.

Thomas Young

Thomas Young

“Predicted the existence
of electromagnetic waves”

James Clerk Maxwell, 1831-1879(Scottish theoretical physicist)

This scholar established the field of classical electrodynamics based on the famous Maxwell’s Equations in 1864 that became the foundation for modern electromagnetism. The following four equations known as Maxwell’s Equations have been called the “Jewel of Physics.”

He also theoretically predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves, the fact that electromagnetic waves propagate at the same speed as light, and as horizontal waves. He is further well known for his research on the composition of Saturn’s rings and the Kinetic theory of gases (Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution).

James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell

20th century

“Light is a photon”

Albert Einstein, 1879-1955(German-born theoretical physicist)

Einstein is called the greatest physicist of the 20th century because of three groundbreaking research results announced in 1905 that had a great impact on physics. Those three papers were on the photoelectric effect theory where light is made up of particles called photons, the theory of Brownian motion utilizing the kinetic theory of molecules, and the theory of special relativity. The theory of relativity in particular, was a new discovery about space and time expressed in the relativity principle of electromagnetism and which resolved the ether problem in 19th-century physics. Einstein is famous for his research on the theory of relativity yet his work on theoretically revealing the photoelectric effect based on the light quantum hypothesis won him the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921.

What was they all missing?

Well, the way waves actually travel, in our atmosphere for a start and of course how they also travel in a vaccum of space.   A photon of light has a frequency of 3.26E15 hertz by theorists.

But our eyes have thousands of receptor nerves at the back of the eyes that act on wavelength stimulus. There is no absorption involved of the whole hertz frequency concerning the eye.

The eye behaves like a digital camera and puts photos together with a pixel build,  at the back of the eye.

Logically the whole wave spectrum vibration wave frequency is passed down a conductive atom path way. A constant transference system, of electrons carrying the vibrations of the 3.26E15 hertz full wave, as a wireless circuit current.

We are talking trillions on trillions of conductive atmospheric atoms involved. In fact, we are looking at the whole of the atmosphere, that is busy with this task. Then we have the surface layers. Anything with more dense, than the elements of the gasses of the atmosphere. It’s so amazing what’s going on all around us in a very much alive universe.

Yes, a great deal has been missed by these famed, scientists of human history. Sensible Logic Physic will change our vision of the Universe.

Photons bouncing off colored surfaces then being seen by the eye an outdated theory.

A simple experiment would show how this Photon theory is not true. One just has to use a beam of light shining through a pane of green glass that can be removed at a speed of 30 MPH. The light is aimed at a white screen in a dark room.

The screen would turn green when the light is turned on. When the green pane is remove the screen will instantly turn white with no delay.

But logic would tell us that the green light should be short delayed as the green light would still be travelling to the screen as a green colored photon

Why such an experiment is needed is that the physicist theorist have been disagreeing with the Biologist scientist facts of how the eyes really work.

How the Human Eye Works.

By Ker Than, Contributing Writer | May 5, 2016 12:48p m ET

How the Human Eye Works
Perfect vision is described as 20/20 vision. Credit: IKO | Shutterstock

The human eye belongs to a general group of eyes found in nature called “camera-type eyes.” Just as a camera lens focuses light onto film, a structure in the eye called the cornea focuses light onto a light-sensitive membrane called the retina.

Structure of the eye

The cornea is a transparent structure found in the very front of the eye that helps to focus incoming light. Situated behind the pupil is a colorless, transparent structure called the crystalline lens. A clear fluid called the aqueous humor fills the space between the cornea and the iris.

“The cornea focuses most of the light, then it passes through the lens, which continues to focus the light,” explained Dr. Mark Fromer, an ophthalmologist and retina specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. [The 7 Biggest Mysteries of the Human Body]

Behind the cornea is a colored, ring-shaped membrane called the iris. The iris has an adjustable circular opening called the pupil, which can expand or contract to control the amount of light entering the eye, Fromer said.

Ciliary muscles surround the lens. The muscles hold the lens in place but they also play an important role in vision. When the muscles relax, they pull on and flatten the lens, allowing the eye to see objects that are far away. To see closer objects clearly, the ciliary muscle must contract in order to thicken the lens.

The interior chamber of the eyeball is filled with a jelly-like tissue called the vitreous humor. After passing through the lens, light must travel through this humor before striking the sensitive layer of cells called the retina.

The retina

Former, explained that the retina is the innermost of three tissue layers that make up the eye. The outermost layer, called the sclera, is what gives most of the eyeball its white color. The cornea is also a part of the outer layer.

The middle layer between the retina and sclera is called the choroid. The choroid contains blood vessels that supply the retina with nutrients and oxygen and remove its waste products.

Embedded in the retina are millions of light sensitive cells, which come in two main varieties: rods and cones.

Rods are used for monochrome vision in poor light, while cones are used for color and for the detection of fine detail. Cones are packed into a part of the retina directly behind the retina called the fovea, which is responsible for sharp central vision.

When light strikes either the rods or the cones of the retina, it’s converted into an electric signal that is relayed to the brain via the optic nerve. The brain then translates the electrical signals into the images a person sees, Fromer said.

Whereas the Physicist think photon bounce before are absorb by the eye  

CHAPTER SEVEN. – Universal Mimicking

Let start looking at a one mimicking pattern on Earth that could suggests the universe does communicate to select members of a species concerning in this case building.

In my logic philosophic research, I have noticed how species on earth mimic the nature of the universe I can easily see that atoms have a form of intelligence. I can also see that the universe is, in fact, teaming with life. The universe is a life itself my logic research indicates that atoms that can build such an intelligent species as our selves must have a massive universal Wifi type neuron connect intelligence. That our brain mimics maybe this is the cause of the mysterious dark matter that’s baffling astrophysics at this moment?

If I wish to have a house built a house professional, I need to visit an architect. Whom may already have plans of designs of houses may interest my taste. Or could created a design on a basic idea of what I find appealing.

The architect with the design will also make blueprints for my professional builders to follow when building they will be copies made of each floor walls and the roof suiting the needs of every craftsman i involved in the project.

With these blueprints the same type and style house can be copied as many times as needed.

What this is mimicking is how living coral species are built structures are built but as the simple lifeforms evolve the blueprint is changed. Yes, we are talking about DNA. every cell has a blueprint the instructions on how the cell can be duplicated. The first level blueprint is what our scientist can read now its master copy. Within that master copy there will be a library of the blueprint of every component of the species different cells. Even what seems , chaotic there is always a logic balance. a logic plan and in this case logic intelligence.How simple or complex the intelligence may be.

My thoughts on this are whatever intelligence build our human brain. Has developed a intelligence within the void, that has been mimicked here on earth, I think that its logical to say, that the universe has developed its own brains. These building blocks can build anything the collective needs. We as well have one other usefulness and that is being the eyes, ear and sensors. Part of the collective, that has a massive brain There are tools similar to us. in solar system too many to count, in its infinity expanding like baloons. I feel we are maybe looking, for intelligent life forms in a rather big haystack.

I suggest there is a balance here whereas they will be about 3/4 away as we can see with Hubble. Then looking towards as with a similar telescope. The universe does have some form of balance and would like to have an all-around balance of surveillance of its self. The latter was a self-opinion that’s if I really do have one.

Interestingly enough Dr Ken Wharton in the USA is trying to understand Quantum entanglement in the brain. HHe should be looking at how the brain is mimicking what goes on in space.

The universe godlets are like ants or maybe a better example is like termites its a collective intelligence every atom is a godlet. The sheer wonder of its ability of communication and how it created something so special out of its chaotic contents.

One has to look at mimicry of what is up there often can be seen down 

CHAPTER EIGHT -Aliens meet man could that be even possible?

There is actually a very profitable industry built around Aliens visiting from space selling fake videos and photo’s and fake stories can make easy money. Because some  humans can be made to believe in anything. Even dragged out to look at the night sky in groups those events attract hoax events.

I somehow find it to believe as there is so much faking and lying going on any think real would be hidden among so much outrageous rubbish.

I look for logical proof and facts.

There is actually a very profitable industry built around Aliens visiting from space selling fake videos and photo’s and fake stories can make easy money. Because some  humans can be made to believe in anything. Even dragged out to look at the night sky in groups those events attract hoax events.

I look for logical proof and facts.

The best thing is to look back at the past as far as 5-7 million years ago when there is some good proof that aliens may of visited our planet Then we have to look at the possibilities that we may have developed a home grown advanced civilization. there has been many civilization and empire that have since fallen since after that period of time. But that period has nearly been eroded and changed by earth movement, water and weather erosion and that that exists have only has been found it the past three centuries or so.

But looking at the other side of the coin we have to look at the realities of space travel and how our planet close enough to be visited from alien visitor. So first where was our solar system position with in the Milkyway?  As we are orbiting it’s galaxy. If we could work that out we could work out the nearest solar system at that period of time.  Even point hubble in the direction where that that solar system has moved to now. Maybe I have helped to start a new scientific project who knows who actually reads these theories of mine.

Using logic thinking we could work out the distance alien spacecraft would have to travel to reach Earth. I suggest it would not be the speed of light nor any science fiction impossible crap. Helium and using the helium solar wind would be a possible way to travel and of course other planets and suns gravity are all a possibility.  I would suggest a sensible speed for good fast navigation would be their best aim. I suspect that 2 or 3 years of travel about one third of the speed of light would be logical plan of events.

Colonization our planet could of been a problem. Breeding may not been possible because their moon or moons had less or more gravity pull or they needed more than one moon to breed. The latter could have open up experimentation of mixing their species with earth species playing with DNA?  First inseminating  their sperm  and then having sex with the test samples.

I suggest the planets are too far away for space travel to be considered. That their original planet is been destroyed by war. that much of their DNA is mixed with ours.  I guess we will be copying their method of survival and have all the same problems they had.

It could be they were around longer than the two million years I have suggested in this theory.

Alien visitation to earth?

The old ancient stories of Gods, have interested me, for many years. Then did they seed earth with life. I have been, very sceptic, such things. Until recently when I started thinking,  how important Luna is, to life as we know it on Earth.

Many of us have watched the history channel.

what should be considered is thought, about problems of breeding, on any other planet other than Earth. That most defiantly need a moon in the same type of orbit. The same size and distance away, from any planet we colonize.  Or that we can not breed without our moon Luna and that would make us barren. If we leave earth with every possibility of health problems caused by the lack of Luna.

I suggest every intelligent species, would have a similar problem, on what controls their breeding cycles. If we have been visited by an advanced alien civilization. That found they could not breed on Earth. What would they do?

I think they would try to Breed artificially, with a biped native of the planet they want to colonize.  This would, or, could logically fit in with the stories, of our our ancient ancestor’s.

The fact they left, could be that our planets have been distanced by our change of distance. That now separates our solar system from theirs. Where was positioned in the Milkyway in 7000 to 4,500 BC?

Could it be we see their civilation destruction on May 14th 2017

Two images of NGC 6946: one from 2011 and a similar one from May 14, 2017, which shows the new and brightening supernova, SN 2017eaw.Gianluca Masi / Virtual Telescope Project / Tenagra Observatories, Ltd

The destruction of our visitors home solar system? Who but knows.?

But I do know our species will have the same problem they may had in populating other solar systems within our reach and limited space travel. Then finding a solar system just like ours, may never be possible for our species.

Those that imagine it easy or believe we can dominate anywhere space or be part of an empire as depicted in the movies of the star wars series needs to think again.  Reality is a real pig.

Quantum Teleportation is it even possible?

The Theory : – Quantum teleportation is a process by which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another, with the help of classical communication and previously shared quantum entanglement.

The Problems : – If Quantum entanglement was possible you would end up having 1 atom in one place and a sort of a cloned atom in another place.

Then it would be hard if you were using this method let say sending a pencil that would have 10 Million atoms to have them end up all in the same place. Moving on from that sending a person (a clone of a person, of course, would create a blood mess at the other end of the journey. Have you ever thought about how many atoms there are in a human body and how complex a human cell really is? Then the memories stored in a human brain.

This theory has no logic sorry to say. Beam me up Scotty.

I blame science fiction writer George Langelaan for the stupid Quantum entanglement theory. �

Atoms and reincarnation by recycling atoms

It is possible that when a species dies the atoms get recycled into the food chain. The brain atoms used in memory cells structure could contain memories and end up in the brain of an embryo in a female womb. Thus it could be logically factual that reincarnation happens in species. This is not my opinion or theory as you may perceive as I am an atheist but have an open mind.

It could be that the universe likes to controlled groups, Tribal, religion, political and governed.

CHAPTER NINE – The new space race

If the USA new Space Force is launched and the idea is to have a small community on the moon to mine minerals or then a bigger community on Mars. as the first step towards a star trek future in space more logical effort should be made by astrophysicist and theorist to get much closer than they can with imaginary good guess. Logic is needed to improve the guessing

Very possible off Earth Breeding problems of Humans

Still, many details of the moon’s effects on animal behaviour remain largely unknown due to a low volume of research, especially compared with the much broader base of research covering the effects of the solar cycle on animals. Less research has been done on Humans off Earth Breeding problems. Some may have been done on the Inter nation space station but mostly have been related to the effects of weightlessness effects on the human body. We actually need experiments on Mars to prove human breeding is possible without the effects of Luna our moon. We do know our evolution has aided breeding of all species on earth even it effects on the nocturnal world as stated by Kronfeld-Schor. Who admits lack of research on the issue.It would seem as of yet I am the first to have thoughts on this issue concerning colonization of space and I find it logically important in the future of human Space exploration.

While most assumptions on how the lunar cycle affects menstruation are speculation, several studies have been performed to try to find a correlation between the two.

In the 1980s, Winnifred B. Cutler published a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that studied 312 university women who were menstruating. She found that 40% of participants had the onset of menstruation within two weeks of the full moon, which means they were ovulating during the “dark phase,” or second half of the moon cycle when the moon isn’t visible from earth. The study showed 69 women had a menstrual cycle of about 29.5 days, the same length as the lunar cycle.Dr. Christian Northrup, an OB/GYN, says the phrase “moon time” was used for ages as a euphemism for menstruation, and when women lived together in clans, their menstrual cycles lined up with each other and the moon cycles. Thanks to evolution, we don’t necessarily have to be exposed to nature and the moon, nor do we have to live in a female cohort, in order to feel the effects of the lunar cycle on our bodies.


No known Data as yet.

Summary of my logical research of which has been limited by lack of research and known experimentation.

In my logic opinion is that the moon Luna has more effects than most may think on our ability to breed and our hormone cycle, as its been part and parcel to evolution of species on our planet I could effect females first of whom hormones and moods revolve around the gravity effects of the influence of the moon, on their bodies. Hormone imbalances cause them health issues that include early Menopause. It needs to be researched in my logic opinion. Also the effects of long space voyages something that is very important to woman’s health Those ideas of space tours and tourism in space need such research by company investment. All positive logical intelligent suggestions are very welcome. Stupid comments will be deleted as this is an important project independent of QM or science fiction theories.

Alien invasion fear can be subdued

To colonize space

We actually need planets approximately with one moon approximately the same size with approximately the same spins and the moons orbit takes the same approximate orbit pattern over approximate 28 days. To breed and survive happily.

One good thing is that Aliens would need the same type of environment as their home planet to breed and survive too. So people need not worry too much about Aliens invading Earth

Proof of other species are some where out there.

Looking for evidence of Intelligent sentinel species is much more complexed than some people may think. As we are presently notifying our existence only 120 light years away. That’s as far as we could get radio signals from anyway and it creeps out each year at 1 light year at a time.

Why this sudden need by USA to take control of local space?

Its become very apparent that the Quantum Mechanics plan has failed to block real science facts. China and Russia are working on real facts as are countries such as Iran. What is worrying the USA is the dangers of vibration frequency wave production. With the use of satellite technology. Its a switch away from Atomic missile technology. Whereas those James bond movies threats of death rays from Space, From satellites or from the Moon, are actually a real threat.

USA Space station garrisons in Local space.

SpaceX has nearly finished its government contract, to put a space garrison for USA new Space Force in orbit around the Earth.

CHAPTER TEN – Corrupted science.

I wonder if Albert Einstein was appealing to the science community in making his mistake about time, To promote more money for research. The idea of space and travel was very appealing back in the 1920s.

Niels Bohr, Louis de Broglie, Erwin Schrodinger, and Paul M. Dirac, advanced Planck’s theory and made possible the development of quantum mechanics–a mathematical application of the quantum theory that maintains that energy is both matter and a wave, depending on certain . Albert I think did not like the idea as i think he knew it was all about making money using fabricated calculus. Spooky noise from a distance is how he see it. The problem was his own calculus with the mistake would be used in many Quantum theories they would invent.

I think he was worried his time mistake would take his fame away. Some of the good guesses may turn out to hold water.

The problem I find is that teaching student these inventive theories most withoutany logical thinking applied is bad for real advancement in real science.

Like any thing on this planet everything thing has become corrupted. Science is suffering from this corruption.

However, the Hubble pictures of galaxies are wonderful and are the gift wrapperfor Quantum lecturers and great looking books. But what are we actually learning out of corrupt science? How to make good guesses (assumptions) with out logic thought?

AGU was established by the National Research Council and for more than 50 years operated as an unincorporated affiliate of the National Academy of Sciences. in 1918

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is a 01(c)(3)nonprofit organization of geophysicists, consisting of over 62,000 members from 144 countries. AGU’s activities are focused on the organization and dissemination of scientific information in the interdisciplinary and international field of geophysics. The geophysical sciences involve four fundamental areas: atmospheric and ocean sciences; solid-Earth sciences; hydrologic sciences; and space sciences. The organization’s headquarters is located on Florida Avenue in Washington, D.C. 

From its beginning in 1919 as the union of two committees—the American National Committee of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and the Committee on Geophysics of the National Research Council—AGU has grown to be the preeminent international force for the promotion of geophysical endeavours. Even in the early days of small-scale geophysics, from 1919 to 1948, AGU’s annual meetings provided the chief meeting place for the world’s leading geophysicists. Since then, the breadth of the field has vastly expanded as emerging technologies have enabled us to make significant advances in our understanding of Earth and space.

The work of AGU member scientists addresses processes that affect communities across the globe every day: rainfall rates, trends in marine fisheries, earthquake probabilities, lunar cycles, and volcanic eruption potentials. Much like the mechanisms that make our planet function, the work of geoscientists is interconnected with other research endeavours where investigators work together, unselfishly share ideas and data, and peer-review each other’s findings. The USA science corruption rot of science started in 1919. In the 1920s there was a deal made with scientist and corporations and several of the leading word economies about the future of the new automobile industry. Of course, the and the new energy industry Barron’s were at all of their yearly meetings.

The outcomes, see the rise of Quantum Mechanics and fantastic grants to expand research the new subatomic science based on imagination and science fiction writers who inspired possible new invitations.   That’s the time air and chemical pollution was ignored for the sake of profit on the stock markets of the world.the greenhouse effect. the fossil fuel coal was the cause of smog in the 1940s oil and gas and coke being seen the answer to that problem and coal was culled being used in houses and people were pleased with ridding the smog from the cities. However, the oil pollution deadly silent exhaust fumes built up in the 50s and the use of lead became seen as a poison and ad a danger to human health. So lead was taken out of petrol but still sold for older vehicles.   Then oil uses for pest control was poisoning our veg and fruit of course that was controlled of which was bioproduct of oil and coal. Then diesel pollution built up as well. This went on up, till today.   But sadly the very people we called geniuses from the 1920s revolution of science are the ones that created a false an deceitful corrupted science. Are to blame for a very polluted world.   Then to make matters worst the USA and Britain were worried about the power of vibration frequency waves used CERN and many universities to hide the real fact of how frequency waves function really behave. I get very amused at those films to show lasers from space being seen used by terrorist etc. and heroes such as James bond saving earth from the baddies terrors plots. There must have been a few people in the Pentagon etc. with hot collars.

The fact Nicolas Telsa was working on free electricity for everybody back in the 1920s and his ideas were hidden beggars belief

Theorist are blocking the way of new scientific thinking by standing in lecturer halls of scientific fame. There is this problem of the so-called accepted theories. They have seeming become to be seen as accepted truth. Because the icon gods are seen as hallowed super geniuses. That was not acceptable by the most famous one. Who was a very humble man, who knew he could make mistakes. The admired Albert Eisenstein of whom said over and over again he was not a genius.

I am not the first to see what is really going on or ask questions. This is an article from the

Inspiring scientist are creating theories and selling them off as facts if they can. First, why do theorist write theories? Well, its the way they make money and that’s the reality of it all.

Money has a knack of corrupting anything from sport to research, both subjects I have mentioned have been made very corrupt. As many may know that the CERN experiments have actually not given proof to most theories our brilliant theorist have been preaching to students for a long while now. In fact, there have been rumours that CERN will be closed down. Then there have been claims made by some theorist that its a very dangerous operation. You can bet that they fear their theories will be proven to be silly assumptions. That would mean to them their book sales royalty income will cease. I often hear maybe next year CERN will show its worth.

The problem I find is that the theorist pat each other on the back writing books and being paid as scientific experts

Theory has never been defined as being factual. Acceptable even is not a statement of this is true. In the case of science, corruption has even corrupted the definition of theory sadly. That blocks scientific minds, to question, what has been made acceptable, in a corrupted scientifically society. That could question the qualifications of

young scientist passing degrees or doctorates that have been taught by theorist that theories will be rubbished as not being acceptable, at a future date.

My advise, to young scientist is question everything and publish your theories ignoring, what is accepted as this is a block on scientific new development and progress.

The irony is that honest theorist can admit to making a mistake and be the darling of chats show hosts and republish a book saying how they got it wrong and why and explain why the theorist new perception is right. In fact, it could be a duel, authorship. More interesting inspiring duel type of fun lectures, on the stages of higher thinking. With audiences kept very wide awake. That would be real scientific fun.

Dishonest Science

Without integrity, science is entering a zone of public mistrust. Therefore there is seemingly a need for an oath of integrity and international and national laws. To cull corruption by governments and political organizations. That wish to deceive citizens for political gains. Also cull International and national industrial organization, from corrupting scientific research. To deceive would citizens with false and corrupted research reports. Each research project should given an identity number.

Scientist should be fully qualified and be licensed under oath. The media be fined heavily for fake news stories and reporting a fake research project number.

this will give more confidence that the research project are, not fake and the genuine thing.

My personal view is that scientist should push government and famed science institution. Many may wish research science, should have great integrate value and not be a tool to deceive the citizens of the modern scientific world as accurate scientific reports will increase the scientific knowledge banks.

For me, it would make reading the news, more pleasant and take away silly fake science research news. That often culls out the important facts.

It’s a sad old world, with your old student friends still play acting and inventing new Quantum Physics equations to earn as much money as they can out of science deception.

CHAPTER ELEVEN – Free power and Solar power.

Creating free power without burning fossil fuel was made possible as far back as 1915 and could of been imposed in the 1920’s.

But not the solar power of which you are possibly thinking about whilst reading this sentence. If you have read all the chapters in this book you may be: Guessing its to do with the true behaviour of vibration frequency waves. But its defiantly, not the visible waveband nor ultraviolet light. The latter being what solar panels use to make power.

We have to look at the whole wave spectrum for the most vibration wave types. Yes, we are looking at vibration power. So what vibrates the most dynamically within the whole wave spectrum?

I am very surprised that Nicolas Tesla of whom was messing around with a vibration machine he had invented.

Some called it Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine:

He constructed a simple device consisting of a piston suspended in a cylinder, which bypassed the necessity of a camshaft driven by a rotating power source, such as a gasoline or steam engine. In this way, he hoped to overcome loss of power through friction produced by the old system. This small device also enabled Tesla to try out his experiments in resonance. Every substance has a resonant frequency which is demonstrated by the principle of sympathetic vibration; the most obvious example is the wine glass shattered by an opera singer (or a tape recording for you couch potatoes.) If this frequency is matched and amplified, any material may be literally shaken to pieces.

A vibrating assembly with an adjustable frequency was finally perfected, and by 1897, Tesla was causing trouble with it in and near the neighbourhood around his loft laboratory. Reporter A.L. Besnson wrote about this device in late 1911 or early 1912 for the Hearst tabloid The World Today. After fastening the resonator (“no larger than an alarm clock”) to a steel bar (or “link”) two feet long and two inches thick: He set the vibrator in “tune” with the link. For a long time nothing happened-&endash; vibrations of machine and link did not seem to coincide, but at last, they did and the great steel began to tremble, increased its trembling until it dilated and contracted like a beating heart and finally broke. Sledgehammers could not have done it; crowbars could not have done it, but a fusillade of taps, no one of which would have harmed a baby, did it. Tesla was pleased with his oscillating machine. So Tesla had a very good background knowledge about frequecies.

Tesla’s oscillating machine

The amazing power of noise frequencies by vibrating atoms is, in fact, the best way to make free energy anywhere any place in the universe. Tesla only had to do a bit of backward engineering to achieve his dream of free energy every where.

The Character and Power of sound

  1. Sound can be recorded
  2. It does not need to be played through speakers
  3. It can be used directly as an input into a vibration generator or many vibration generators. Without losing volume or vibration strength.
  4. No need for solar power or fossil fuel to be used to constantly generate the noise.
  5. Fully portable
  6. Can be sent by radio waves and be wireless
  7. It can produce multiple amounts of energy that it uses tho power the sound source.

Its already being used to power up cell phone on WIFI. In ongoing experiments.

We have been however highly polluting our planet by burning fossil fuels


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